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Media Library doesn't take some skins.

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  • Media Library doesn't take some skins.

    It did not bother me before but it does now. There are so many cool skins out there that don't skin my media library.(at least in my pc) At the beggining I thought that the creator of the skin did not skin the media library, but in many of them the Staff and the creator himself says that all the components are skinned (I only use classic skins btw). So I really don't get why such cool skins, most of them top rated, don't skin the Media library in my computer. I am repeating again, I know. I just wanna make sure that you guys understand what I am taking about.
    Any ideas?
    As always,I appreciate your help

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    Which skins specifically? (name & link)

    Some of the older classic skins were created for 2.8x and earlier, ie. before the ML even existed.

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      Only skins published since 2004 are complete. There are some skins published in 2003 which are complete, but most are not. All skins published before that are not complete.

      Right now incomplete skins are (slowly) moved to the "Incomplete" category, where they will stay for a while. Maybe in a few years they will all be gone and the database will only have complete skins.

      Important message regarding incomplete classic skins.


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        Hmmmm. That might be it. The skins that I regret that don't skin the Media Library are top rated ones like: Hitokry Amp, Idbe****, NAT Amp(Natalie Portman skin), Sony Mpfx, super top rated Syrogenesis V1, Xarius, among others. Some of them I think were created after the day that you mentioned. Have to check. Thanks..Oz..