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  • "Always on Top" Broken


    I want to report that the "Always on Top" Feature breaks when my screensaver launches. If I've left my PC for a while and come back after the screensaver has launched, when I clear my screensaver than the "Always on Top" features wont be working. The only way to fix it is to turn it off and back on by hitting CTRL+A 2X.

    I'm using 5.08 of course, and Windows XP home SP2, and a basic windows screensaver. (windows logo floats around a black screen)

    Can this please be fixed in the next update?

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    Moved from Bug Reports to Tech Support

    Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > General Preferences
    Uncheck "disable aot when fullscreen apps are focused"

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      thanks alot I wasn't aware of this. It's a great help!


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        I have the same problem, only I have Winamp sitting on a spot on my Taskbar, but whenever I click anything on the taskbar, it overcomes the Always On Top function, hiding Winamp altogether, until I refocus it.


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          Show Desktop and Always on top

          What about when I have always on top activated, and click on show desktop button, winamp docks but if I open another window, winamp won't come on top again.

          I'm using modern skin on Windows XP pro and Windows 2000, I use it in 2 computers and the same thing happens in both.

          Thanks a lot.


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            my "always on top" feature is also, as you say, broken. i haven't exactly found out what overrides it regularly, but my browser will sometimes appear over it. i have the "disable aot when fullscreen apps are focused" unchecked, and i am using winamp 5.13 (until the on end of queue bug is fixed in 5.2) and winXP pro.

            thanks to anyone with any ideas!!


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              Excuse me for not finding this thread(I swear I searched)

              I just want to know whether this problem is going to be fixed, as first reports seems to be made a year ago
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                It is a known issue which means it does have the attention of the developers. However, there is no ETA on when it will be fixed. Sorry.
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                  Hmm, is it...?

                  What's the exact problem/issue again? And how do we reproduce it?

                  (note, the original issue in the first post was resolved in the 2nd post, and confirmed in the 3rd post)

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                    Just a difference of interpretation, I guess. IMHO, unchecking 'Disable AOT when fullscreen applications are focused' is more of a workaround that a fix.

                    However, I do understand what your are saying.
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                      Thanks for information

                      That`s exactly what I wanted to say about workaround

                      But this checker just enable this bug, as I still don`t see Winamp AOT when fullscreen application is active when it is unchecked.

                      So there appears to be another bug.


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                        WinAMP Always on top reset bug

                        I have an annoying problem with winamp v5.24...

                        I am running MMD3 skin.

                        The always ontop feature resets without actual use of the CTRL A and/or the Selection of this option.

                        So far I found that this happens when:
                        1). Going from mini mode to full mode (not minimise)

                        I will record more when I can.

                        Look forward to the bug fix...



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                          Media menu scaling and content rendering problems

                          Media menu bug:

                          Using default skin of new style...

                          This often doesn't scale its contents in the main window correctly.

                          It resizes but only to a certain point and this doesn't reset when winamp is closed and re-opened..

                          Takes some playing around with and closing and opening to get it to be back to normal.....



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                            I have the solution. In MINI mode, there is a button CFG as configuration. Click it and uncheck the ALWAYS ON TOP(auto) option. Finnaly i found the cause of the problem. I have searched for a long time.


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                              Talking about the MMD3 skin? MMD3 has a has semi-independent AOT setting. When it is on, Winamp's own AOT is enabled.

                              screenshot of cuoresportivo's instructions
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