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    Is it possible to listen to streaming media, such as Radio1 or Vibe Fm ... Vibe-fm broadcasts via Windows Media Player (.asx) ((mms:// or Real Player - is it possible to listen in winamp?



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    Winamp already supports mms:// WMA streams by default, as long as you've got the Full version, not Lite.

    Copy & paste this into Winamp's Open/Add url box

    Note the added /.wma at the end

    You can automate this process by installing the Playlist Loader plugin

    The plugin adds direct support for asx, wpl, wax, wmx, wvx, mms:// playlists/streams, and you can also then make Winamp the default handler of those types via:
    Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > File Types.

    Naturally, it also depends on what version of Windows Media Player is installed and whether you've got all the correct WMA codecs installed....

    For RealPlayer streams (ra, ram, rm, smi, smil, rpm, etc)
    you'll need to install the Tara plugin

    Download Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin 1.0.3b for Winamp : It enables Winamp to play real audio, real video, real jukebox, live RTSP/PNM streams

    Note that the Tara plugin will only work if the Real Codecs/Engine is installed. We don't recommend installing the evil RealPlayer, but you can install RealAlternative to get the required codecs instead:
    Download Real Alternative 2.0.2 : Real Alternative is enabling you to play RealMedia files without installing RealPlayer or RealOne Player

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      Excellent - All Working Thankyou DJ EGG


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        Thanks for the help. I am still having trouble. Something easy I missed probably but anyway. I got this file to buffer,

        But after it wae done I had no sound from it. the osilliscope shows a steady something, But there was no sound from speakers. All normal streams work fine.


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          Try this link:

          (i.e. copy/paste into Open URL dialog in Winamp)
          If you're bored go here or, if the boredom is more serious, here.


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            Thanks man. That works. The URL I got to buffer but with no sound was this mms://
            missing the .wmv?
            I'll try to figure out why yours works. But thanks. You the man.


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              Basically because if you just replace wmv with wma it won't find the url since it does not exist (don't ask me why it buffers then, I dunno.. ). Adding ?.wma is a little trick to tell Winamp it's a WMA stream.
              Adding /.wma (another way of telling Winamp it's a WMA stream) will only work if there is no file extension in the url.

              But the exact why of it I don't know either...
              (or why they are streaming as if it's wmv :/)
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                ASX won't play

                I have winamp 5.24, all audio file types enabled, bit asx strems (e.g. see bellow) won't play.

                Any idea why?


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                  Hi. This thread is old.

                  Winamp natively supports .asx as from v5.22

                  The Playlist Loader plugin is no longer required, and will actually cause problems/conflicts if you install it.

                  You also no longer need to manually add /.wma to the end of mms:// streams, though you do still need to add /.wma to the end of http streams (but only if adding it manually, otherwise Winamp's asx parser will automatically add ?.wma to the end).

                  The contents of your .asx file (rt-click > save as > then open in notepad) are:

                  <ASX VERSION="3.0">
                  <TITLE>Radio Dur</TITLE>
                  <TITLE>V živo</TITLE>
                  <REF HREF="mms://">
                  <REF HREF="">
                  <REF HREF="rtsp://">


                  both play fine in winamp for me.
                  So I'm not sure what you're doing wrong.

                  Although it should work in 5.24, you can also try 5.25 public beta).

                  Make sure WMA Support is not unchecked in the installer options, and if you're OS is older than WinXP sp2 and/or you don't have Windows Media Player 9 or higher installed, then you will also need to allow the Winamp installer to install the WMA 9.1 codecs (ie. if you're firewall prompts you that the Winamp installer is trying to access the internet then make sure you allow it).

                  If the problem persists, please read this first.


                  Hmmm... there actually seems to be a problem with that particular ASX file.

                  The <TITLE>Radio Dur</TITLE> entry is in the wrong place
                  and this is preventing the asx from being recognized/parsed correctly.

                  The correct version should be something more like this:

                  <ASX VERSION="3.0">
                  <REF HREF="mms://"/>
                  <REF HREF=""/>
                  <REF HREF="rtsp://"/>
                  <TITLE>V živo - Radio Dur</TITLE>

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                    I'm a newbie who is trying to set my own online radio station.

                    Now my streaming works over PC (via IE and FireFox) but I still have no luck with Mac.

                    I have created .asx file like that Dj.Egg had suggested. Am I missing something?

                    Would anyone give me some suggestions or helps please ^__^;