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Error Message when changing songs, playing audio files etc..

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  • Error Message when changing songs, playing audio files etc..

    Hi, well I have had this problem for a while now and I'm wondering if it's anything to do with low memory or something?

    Anyway, keep getting the "Winamp has generated errors.." message when I'm changing songs, or basically everytime I double-click in Winamp e.g. double-click on 'Audio Files' in Media Library to play all songs, and such actions.

    My memory usage in Task Manager says I'm using 273304K / 326356K which seems to be quite a lot I'm wondering if this could be a problem and encouraging Winamp to crash?

    I've removed any spyware and ad-ware on my computer so I don't know what else to do Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Do you get any more specific error messages? In the error box it should say 'to view error details click here'. If so, please post here what it says there.

    As of now, it's only guess work...

    Are you on a limited user account? Running Winamp under a limited user account is not recommended and can cause crashes.

    Are you using the classic or the modern skin?

    Please provide all info as described here (3rd-party plugins, file format of files being played, HijackThis log, system specs, etc.).
    If you're bored go here or, if the boredom is more serious, here.