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Problems Ripping/Converting to .Wav @48k

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  • gaekwad2
    Did you rip them to .wav with Convert to format: PCM 48kHz 16bit stereo?

    I think in this case Winamp uses a resampler that's installed in Windows.

    I'd rip them with convert to format unchecked and use SRCdrop (drag&drop, right-click on the window to get the options menu) or SSRC (Shibatch sampling rate converter, commandline or batch file) to resample them (both resampler are available at rarewares).

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  • fadermonkey
    started a topic Problems Ripping/Converting to .Wav @48k

    Problems Ripping/Converting to .Wav @48k

    Hey, so i'm putting my sound effect CD's to hard drive at 48K .wav for use with my protools sessions, and noticed that they were all aliasing when i ripped/converted them on Winamp 5.08!!!! I then ripped/converted them at 44K on Winamp 5.08 and they sounded fine. Is there something wrong with Winamps converting at 48k?
    I opted for Winamp 5 due to the fact that it uses Gracenote CDDB and that it rips the whole track name into the file. I'm a little disapointed, becuase this is the only reason why i bought Winamp 5.08.