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can't modify tag(s) - file is read only (not!)

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  • can't modify tag(s) - file is read only (not!)

    I'm using WinAmp 5.07 and have several files with names that contain diacritics (e.g, "Pâle septembre.mp3").

    After editing the ID3 of such files, and trying to "Update" the file - I get a message saying that WinAmp "Can't modify tag(s)! File is read only!".

    However - the files are NOT read only.

    It appears to be related to the diacritics in the file names:

    1. The ID3 tag editor displays the name as "P?le septembre.mp3" and not as it should (but that could be a font problem).
    2. After renaming the file to a name without diacritics - the problem disappears.

    Is there any solution to this except for renaming the files? I have many non-English songs, and would like to keep their names correct...


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    You're probably out of luck there. Winamp doesn't support Unicode so it often can't handle international characters in filenames correctly. See here for more info:
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