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Direct Sound Fade not working at all

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  • Direct Sound Fade not working at all

    somewhere along the line my winamp installation decided that directsounds fade should be replaced with an empty buzz sound instead. startup, change track and stopping of any track is either instant or the fade is replaced with this buzz

    i noticed it after upgrading to 5.091 (although whether the upgrade caused it is hard to determine at this stage, it could have been happening earlier too)

    ive tried a downgrade to 5.090 but this didn't do anything.

    now, i think a fresh install may fix it, if it is a problem on the winamp side of things, and not actually DirectSound drivers of my windows XP Pro.

    however, i need to be able to save my current MediaLibrary Setup before doing a clean install. is this possible?

    or what could be causing the fade buffer to corrupt itself? could i just replace the plugin itself?

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    Try the DirectSound output tweaks. After that, try the 'crossfade tweaks' here.

    No luck? Click the 'Reset all' button at the bottom in the DirectSound output config and then apply the DirectSound and crossfade tweaks again.

    If that doesn't work, you may indeed want to try a clean install. Backup instructions can be found in the clean install procedure.

    Still no luck? Please provide system specs.
    Which file format are you playing? mp3/wma/cd/etc.
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      Hah...the reset all button fixed it. so it was a setting problem then. seemed like a corrupted dll at first.

      anyways thanks. it workies now.

      actually it might have been the hardware acceleration i think i turned on. won't touch that again