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Adding songs from Napster to my Winamp playlist

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  • Adding songs from Napster to my Winamp playlist

    Can someone please explain how I can add songs I have previously downloaded from Napster to my Winamp playlist,(which is my default player). My ulltimate goal is to convert my MP3 to WAV and attempt to 'burn' a CD.{I think}
    ANY help would be much appreciated

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    To add a song to the playlist, go to the bottom of the playlist window, click ADD -> ADD FILE and find where your mp3s are stored and add them. If you have a whole folder full of mp3s that you want to add, go to ADD -> ADD DIR and select the folder. Either of these methods will add the songs to your playlist.

    To burn a CD, you'll find all the information you need here:
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      Don't use Napster... Napster is baaad.. mmmkay.