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sluggish respone after closing preferences window

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  • sluggish respone after closing preferences window

    as the title states. after i close the preferences window, everything becomes sluggish for a few seconds. even the mouse cursor has a bit of jitter to it. anyone else have this problem? any fix?

    it really doesnt bother me all that much, but it does get annoying sometimes.

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    do you have a lot of plugins? using a big modern skin?
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      classic skin. default input plugins, default out, default viz plus homeboy viz plugins, 8 dsp's, and 8 gen.


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        Same here. It started happening around the release of 5.09, but when I downgrade to earlier versions, exactly the same happens. After closing the Preferences dialog, Winamp freezes for a few seconds before I can use it again. I don't have the issue with the mouse cursor as you described.

        I'm using classic skin, clean install (5.093), no Sonic Ripping/burning, no in_wm.dll (the components I suspected the most).
        But as it's also happening with earlier versions, I'm not even sure it's a Winamp-related issue.

        I don't have the time to look into it at the moment; just posting here to let you know I might be having the same issue. I'll experiment a bit more later and post back here.

        For now, please provide system specs.
        You can also try a clean install, without Sonic Ripping/Burning and WMA support as I tried. Maybe you have more luck.

        Anyone else ideas?

        Windows XP SP2
        Dell Dimension DIM2400
        Celeron CPU 2.20 Ghz
        256 MB RAM
        Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
        SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
        CD: Lite-On LTN486S 48x Max
        DirectX 9.0c
        HijackThis log attached (maybe comparison with yours will be useful)
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          XP Pro SP2
          2GHZ Celeron
          512MB RAM
          Intel 82845G onboard video w/64mb shared
          onboard soundmax audio
          Ensoniq AudioPCI (currently the default soundcard)
          Hijackthis log attached
          Attached Files


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            Hmm... strange.

            You both have very similar system specs (same celeron cpu, graphics/chipset, os), and both using AVG...

            Could it be something to do with AVG realtime scanning of winamp.ini ?

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              I have AVG and it does not do this. I am currently using 5.093 lite. However, I was using 5.091 full prior to this and I again did not expereience the issue.
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                So much for that theory then, lol.

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                  I've got the same problem, Winamp doesn't respond for about 3-5 seconds after closing, and it's only started around 5.09 build.

                  Win XP SP2
                  Celeron 2.6 GHZ
                  768MB RAM
                  Abit Radeon 9600XT 256MB
                  C-Media CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio
                  Direct X 9.0c
                  ZoneAlarm Pro
                  AVG 7.0


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                    You know, all three of you have AVG. Even though it isn't affecting me, maybe it's still the cause. Try turning off AVG for a moment and see if it still happens. Because you're turning off an AV program. Make sure you don't do anything else while testing it, also close ALL browser windows just to be safe and turn AVG back on as soon as you finish.
                    Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway.


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                      Nope, I shut down all AVG components in Task Manager, still having the problem.

                      EDIT: This is basically what happens:

                      Winamp still plays music, but i can't do anything with it, it just stops responding.

                      Sometimes, the box at the top is bigger and covers most of the playlist, but I couldn't reproduce it at this time.

                      This only started around 5.09.
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                        Yup, that's basically how it looks for me as well... Sometimes only the songticker will be covered, sometimes more, as in your screenshot.

                        I think I give up

                        I feel like I tried everything. I tried lite installs, I even installed 5.0 lite . I took out every single plugin (so only the core of Winamp was left) and it still happened. I turned off AVG, ZoneAlarm, Folding@Home, Firefox, every other process I didn't need. It still happened. I messed around with the Winamp options that were left, like Winamp Agent, priority class, no difference.

                        I updated graphics, audio and cd-rom drivers. I'll probably defrag and run checkdisk later, for now I'm fed up with it.

                        I guess it isn't a Winamp-related problem, since I'm sure this didn't happen for me in the past, and now it's happening with older versions as well (did anyone else test an older version, btw?). Something changed at my end, maybe a Windows update or something in combination with the hardware setup. Although it's weird I don't experience any problems, slow-downs, freeze-ups with other programs. Any other suggestions are welcome, but I think it's just something I'll have to live with. It doesn't bother me that much either...

                        Although there's a lot of resemblance, that still doesn't necessarily mean we have the exact same problem. You could try the suggestions above, maybe they'll work for you. Beginning with eg. a clean install (without Sonic Ripping/Burning support), disabling in_wm.dll in your Winamp plugins folder (rename it to, turning off AVG, posting a HijackThis log to maybe find other things in common, etc.
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                          Well, here's a High Jack This Log.
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                            any ideas on if anything in winamp is suposed to access the hard drive after closing the preferences? thats one thing i noticed it does quite a bit after i close the prefs window.


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                              Yup, it writes to winamp.ini (or at least... the last changed date/time of that file gets updated).
                              Even if you don't change any options (at least, for me...)
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