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DirectShow problem, mpeg-2 upside down

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  • DirectShow problem, mpeg-2 upside down

    Going from 5.092 to 5.093 caused mpeg-2 video to start displaying upside-down. My MPEG-2 + DRM .TIVO files are also affected. (.TiVo files are come from TiVo to Go)

    I have a P4 with a ATI 9600XT video card and XP Pro.

    The filters I'm using are:
    DScaler Mpeg2 Video Decoder
    Elecard MPEG2 Demultiplexer
    MPEG Audio Decoder

    Windows Media Player still plays fine.

    So, if this could be fixed some time, yeah, that'd be greeeat.

    - Chris

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    Hmm... interesting. This has actually been reported a couple of times already, and one of the users sent me a sample mpeg2 video, and I still couldn't reproduce the problem.
    Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

    Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

    I'm using latest ffdshow mpeg2/mpeg4 ds filter,
    as configured in the 2nd screenshot below...
    (1st screenshot is of the received sample file)

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      I followed the above instructions and the problem is still not fixed.


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        Well, we can't really help unless you provide all the required information - like in mine and Wosat's posts above.

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          Me too - some details

          My system crashed and after I reinstalled everything, including upgrading to 5.1, I get the upside-down (actually top-to-bottom mirror image) problem on some files. Some of these files are downloaded files where they are labeled as being "vob" or "SVCD" (and I suspect they are all one of these, just not labeled as such).

          When I do a file info, it says it is using the Roxio MPEG2 codec, even though I have ffdshow installed and MPEG2 enabled as in the example given.

          I do have Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.0 installed, if it has any bearing. It was installed prior to WinAmp and ffdshow.

          WMP displays the same files fine and says it is using the same codec.


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            Crappy Roxio MPEG2 Video decoder

            I have the upside down problem too. It seems like Winamp uses Roxio MPEG2 Video decoder and not FFDShow!
            How do a force Winamp to use FFSShow:s decoder?



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              You need to configure ffdshow as in my 2nd screenshot above.

              Start > Programs > ffdshow > video decoder config
              Codecs Page
              Scroll down for MPEG2
              Click where it says 'disabled' next to it
              and change it to one of 'libavcodec' or 'libmpeg2' c/o the drop-down menu

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                Have tried both options with no joy.


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                  Find out whatever the filename is for this crappy Roxio codec (it'll probably be an *.ax or .dll file, maybe MGIVideoMPEG.DLL) and unregister it with regsvr32

                  start > run
                  regsvr32 /u "x:\path\to\filename.dll"

                  Then try ffdshow again.

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                    The necessary command is (all on one line):
                    regsvr32 /u "c:\program files\common files\roxio shared\sharedcom\mpeg2vidcodec.dll"

                    And while I was at it, I unregistered their demuxer with:
                    regsvr32 /u "c:\program files\common files\roxio shared\sharedcom\mpeg2muxer.dll"

                    Thank you VERY much.


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                      Cool. Thanks for the info :-)

                      /me makes a note of the paths & filenames

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                        upside down video

                        what the f*ck is this ... i found that we as users now should fix our own video problems .... WHY????? isn't that what experts/software producers are for .. to create something that works just fine.. >************? and why is it that i have the same problem have no installed strange video programs but after a winamp update those video files start acting up.. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG !!!!!! tell me please... why would you f*ck something up, when it previously worked just fine ... ???? what is going on >??? when people post that they have a video problem ..then why do they have to fix it there selves >????? .. i mean this is just so annoying that i started to use other software instead of WINAMP .. its just getting worse in stead of better just look at this "stupid" video problem.. what a very very big OOPS... winamp-TEAM why >?? why screw it up >?? it worked just fine with the same files on older versions why the change.. and if its not to much off topic... why doesn't winamp play mpeg 4 video files >??
                        greetingzzz mikey .. sorry for my language but i'm leaving it this way because this was my first and honest opinion so that count's i'm not angry but really starting to get disappointed


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                          Upside down for a novice

                          I'm a video novice. I use SUPER by eRightSoft to convert AVI (which I capture from my video camera with a CANOPUS and edit with MS movie maker) to MPEGI because other software seems too complicated. The MPEGI files play fine in Winamp and Windows media player, so I can send them to friends without worrying whether they will play. If I create MPEGII files, then Windows media player can't play them and Winamp plays them upside down. I don't have Roxio on my computer, but Sonic has a folder under Program Files\Common Files.


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                            Upside Down Issue

                            I have the upside down problem too, but I don´t have the files for the Roxio codec.
                            I checked the properties of the video filename and it showed that the video compression is MS-YUV. In fact, I generated this video using Ulead VideoStudio using YUY2 codec.
                            So, I also installed the FFDShow codec without any joy.
                            Can anybody help me solving this same problem for my case ?

                            Thanks in advance.

                            Best Regards.


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                              upside down too

                              Just upgraded from 5.07 to the 5.35 and got the upside down mpeg-2 problem now!
                              No Roxio codec in the system...
                              Other players render the video OK.
                              Also winamp video, apart from being upside down, has some de-interlacing problem - horizontal bands in fast scenes.
                              Other players give smooth video.
                              Can you CHOOSE a codec Winamp is using while playing video? (like part of the internal Winamp preferences?)