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  • upsidedown films

    Hi I have installed the new version of winamp this morning and everything seems fine except video playback is upsidedown, any ideas except turning my screen over or standing on my head??

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    What file extension, format and decoder (DirectShow Filter)?

    eg: .MPG | MPEG-2 | Elecard MPEG-2 Decoder

    You can find out what DShow Filter is being used via File Info (Alt+3)

    There's been a few other reports of this happening, but we weren't able to preproduce the problem. At a guess, the problem possibly lies with an old/funky/crappy decoder.

    Try using ffdshow instead.

    More info here:
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      they were divx things , downloaded the ffw thing ( sorry not very technical with pc's) and everything is sweet again


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        Video playing but no picture

        Hello There ..I hope I am posting this in the right place, I looked all over and this was the closest one I found to my problem ...Yesterday I had to reinstall Winamp ..the newest one I installed ..and now my video's play but with no picture...the sound is there but not the Pic....most are DivX..they used to work..any suggestions here.?
        Edit: some are Mpeg also
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          avi problem

          I too am having a problem with videos playing upside down and mirrored. It just recently began to occur, and happens in Winamp as well as Windows Media Player (which i tried as a solution). I've made sure I have the most up to date versions of these programs and am still having the problem. It only seems to occur with AVI's though. I downloaded ffdshow as instructed in the posts above, but am not sure if I am using the program correctly. I've also checked the ffdshow website to looks for a guide on using it, but was unable to locate one... Please help me if you can.


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            I found this area to be very helpfull
            DivX FAQ. Introduction, Requirements, Installation problems, Playback problems, Common questions, Error messages.

            scroll down to the "playback problems" section, it has the exact problem you mentioned there