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Weird Brightness on all videos

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  • Weird Brightness on all videos

    On every single video I watch the brightness is turned up a lot higher and I can barely see the video. The same thing happens for WMP.

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    Are you using an nvidia graphics card?

    There was a similar problem with one of their recent drivers.
    You have to change some setting(s) in the card's control panel (but I don't remember which).


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      Maybe these, gaekwad?

      Explanation here

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        I think it wasn't overlay, there was a post about it on Neowin but I can't find it anymore (some option resulting in video being set to 16bit or even 8bit colour).

        But if the brightness is too high it might be just the overlay settings.


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          Maybe this?
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            There was some version of NVidia's drivers that the Gamma control setting for Overlay had no effect on the video. Now, in my case, the video was too dark. The 71.89 drivers that I am using now do not have that bug and the Gamma Control works fine with Overlay video.

            A video card driver issue would typically affect videos being played with anything that used Overlay.. WMP, DVD Players, etc...
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