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A different song is played instead of the chosen

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  • A different song is played instead of the chosen

    Winamp ignores the chosen song and plays a different song. re-installing does not help. What do I do? Please, help

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    just to confirm...on double click, winamp will just skip over the selected song?

    are you trying to play a file from a saved playlist? (the links in your playlist may be broke -you moved or renamed the file since the creation of the playlist-)


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      I do not use playlists at all. Just double-clicking and I hear a song that was played before like 23 songs ago and cannot play the chosen one at all.. I tried to restart the PC, it would work but not all the time. I cannot figure out the pattern but some repeated songs seem to be "favourites" that Winamp plays isntead of the chosen ones...


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        whenever it happens again, try clicking the buttons like (next) and see if it changes the song. i had your problem last night but thought it was just a plugin. i couldnt change the song even though i was clicking next. install onefornunz to list your plugins. also please confirm you are using 5.094. also post your <<system specs>>

        stole from jmat:
        One for Nunz | Discussion | is a good way to do this.

        Just install this, open Winamp and head to Preferences > Plug-ins > General > One for Nunz > Configure selected plugin and check "Generate text file of all installed plugins." You may also want to check "Open text file once generated". The file is located in winamp_directory\plugins as my_plugin_list.txt.


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          that did not work it keeps on pointing to another file...