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  • Repeat of a single Track ?

    Hello guys,
    I have a very simple question, could't find a thread in the forum yet.
    I have a playlist with severel tracks loaded in Winamp (2.8, but that doesen't matter, I suppose). Sometimes I love one of the tracks so strongly, that I want hear it again and again.

    Thus, I want that track playing repeatedly without killing my playlist or loading the track alone.
    Did I oversee a button ....?

    Thanks for your help


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    Originally posted by beWotYa
    Winamp (2.8, but that doesen't matter
    Actually it does matter ...

    Winamp 5 has repeat single track. WA 5 is the direct continuation/upgrade of WA 2. You do not need the Pro version for the repeat single track feature.

    When using Winamp 5....

    Repeat on + Manual Playlist Advance = Repeat One (repeat single track). For MPA...
    1. Winamp > Ctrl+P
    2. General Preferences > Playlist
    3. checkmark 'Manual playlist advance'

    When using the Winamp Modern, (Big) Bento, cPro skins and some modern skins, a three state repeat toggle is built in to the skin. By clicking the Repeat button...
    • with default as repeat off
    • First Click = repeat all (repeat playlist)
    • Second Click = Repeat One (repeat single track)
    • Third Click = repeat off
    Other modern skins would need to be updated to incorporate the three state repeat.

    For all classic skins (and some modern), right click on repeat button for Repeat & MPA menu

    Alternately, for all classic and most modern skins, you can use the shortcut keys to enable/disable Repeat One...
    • R while main/player or playlist window is in focus, toggles Repeat
    • Shift+R while main/player window is in focus, toggles MPA

    Also, with a big thanks to DrO, there is a Repeat One toggle Global Hotkey plug-in. Download and install Three Mode Repeat.

    Not only does it provide repeat one toggle hot key, it also provides a visual representation of repeat one with classic skins. For the Default Classic skin there is a skinned button (looks something like ---> [` 1 ] ) represents the repeat one state. For other skins an asterisk (*) is superimposed over the repeat button. It also allows for a skinned image/button for any newer or newly updated skins that have the repeatone.bmp.
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