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winamp 511 error?

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  • winamp 511 error?

    first im new to this so let me apoligize in advanced if this is a stupid question.......when trying to burn a cd with 511 the program automatically shuts done stating that a error has occured and the various send reports ect..downloaded two seperate times and still am getting same messages any suggestions or instructions that i will be able to understand and follow

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    I had the same problem. I fixed it by re installing Winamp 5.1 over 5.11. I did not remove 5.11, and everything is working fine. I had no problem since I put 5.1 back on. By the way, I have the Pro version under Win XP SP1 Home Edition. I do not know if that makes any difference. Let me know if this helps you.


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      well it will get half way through the preparing to burn and then i will say decoder can not be used to decode burn or something like that...i got further than i did at first it all most fixed it any other suggestions??? alll ears really


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        Maybe upgrading to Winamp 5.111 will help.

        If not, please post the full error message(s) here.
        What file format are the files you are trying to burn? Mp3/wma/other?
        Using any 3rd-party plugins?

        Also some basic system specs could be useful.
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          Winamp Crash dump

          I have attached the dump produced by Dr. Watson. I hope this proves useful in determining the problem with Winamp 5.11 crashing. As for the error that the encoder cannot be used to burn, that error came up when a file has been moved. Check to see if the file is in the same folder. You may have to update your library and have it remove any missing files.
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            I have a similiar proplem. Winamp stopps the preparing process at the very early beginning, while preparing to burn the first song. It does not crash for me, but simply stopps preparing, giving no error messages whatsoever.

            Any help greatly appreciated



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              I have the same problem, WindowsXP SP2 all updated, WinAmp PRO 5.111 - burning my own mp3s to disc stops immediately with an error (AppName: winamp.exe AppVer: ModName: winamp.exe
              ModVer: Offset: 0002a0be)
              but if I reinstall I can burn - one time, the next time the error is back again!
              I have bought WinAmp Pro to be able to burn - and then this happens!


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                hello, i have tried doing what you stated i have tried the upgrade 5111 51 and even the first on 5.09 that i got ...specs/operating system stuff windows xp 2002 service pack...compaq presario amd athlon(tm)xp2800+ error message "decoder cannot be used to decode for burn" when i put blank cd in window pops up with option burn with windows media, make music cd with sonic, add files, format sonic dla or take no action ...nothing from winamp....i was and am able to burn with sonic which i dont have a problem with only it wont recognized all of my music and i prefer me stuborn can you or anyone help


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                  candilehr, do you have winamp pro? what type of files do you have? are they mp3? if so, are they encoded at 128kbps or are they variable bit rates? are your files copyright protected? i am asking this because there is no way you should be having problems burning a CD unless the file is missing. at least, it sounds as if the problem with Winamp 5.11 crashing has been solved. update your winamp back to 5.1. hopefully, the gurus here can fix that problem.


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                    Maybe this helps?

                    Hi candilehr and all. I'm new on the forums as well, but I had a similar set of problems burning cd's when I upgraded to Pro 5.111. I would start a burn and Winamp would crash after preparing the first track.

                    In my case, it turns out that the problem was really some conflict with one of my 3rd party DSP plugins. When I disabled them all, my problem went away. Since then I've tried reenabling them one at a time to determine which one was causing the problem, and now I can't seem to get my cd burning problem to reoccur! Unfortunately, I wasn't attentive enough to notice which ones were actually in use at the time I was having problems. But here are the candidates (could be any combination of these):

                    KMG DSP Volume Dynamics 2.0
                    Enhancer 0.17
                    Aboretum Realizer 1.1
                    DSP Stacker by Special*Audio Solutions

                    Anyway...bottom line, when I disabled the Stacker and the rest of them, my burning problems went away. So you might want to check your plugins. I have a feeling there are some out there that have problems with 5.111.

                    BTW, my system is a Dell Dimension with an Intel Pentium 4 and 640Mb memory. Soundcard is Turtle Beach and OS is Windoze XP SP2. CD ROM Drive is God knows whatever Dell chose to put in the box at the time I bought it. ;-)

                    Hope it helps.


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                      Well, I have installed Apple's iTunes - that's reliable burning!


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                        To everyone still having problems burning with Winamp:

                        Please confirm a clean install of Winamp 5.111 (the only supported version) with no third-party plugins.

                        Besides, provide system specs (read this!).

                        Re: "decoder cannot be used to decode for burn"

                        I think that means you're trying to burn files that cannot be burned using Winamp. Eg. DRM-protected WMA files.
                        Either that, or you're using a third-party input plugin causing issues.

                        As a general note: in most cases it's better to start a new thread when you have a problem instead of replying to an existing thread. It gets confusing since you probably do not have the exact same issue and that makes it hard to help everyone at the same time.
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                          i tried to do what you suggested in regards to re downloadiing winamp 5111 and i still am having the same problem ,i downloaded it from the link that you provided and the same error message comes up decoder cant decode for burn......any other suggestions otheer than a refund?


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                            a while ago, i had winamp 5.11 and i was able to burn CDs for my friends and crap...then i get this notice to upgrade to 5.111 or w/e is the i it doesnt even recognize my writer...i tried re-downloading 5.1 and 5.11 but they dont work now...anyone know how to fix this...?


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                              @ all except MaggoT_7 (who's problem is different to the one everyone else is having):

                              Please confirm whether you've got the Winamp EQ on at the time, and whether it still crashes if you turn the EQ off. Same goes for any DSP/Effects plugins.

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