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aacplus plugin for winamp 2.95

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  • aacplus plugin for winamp 2.95


    I decided to return to winamp 2.95 but it doesn't play aacplus. Is there a plugin or something I can change in the configuration to do this possible?

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    Yup, it's called Winamp 5.12. Older versions are not supported. Plus Winamp 5.X is the same thing as Winamp 2.X, anyways.
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      I do not think that 68 mb ram- and 20 mb ram-usage are the same...
      And I even use winamp without most of it's funcitions! The configuration is the same. But it just takes too much ram!
      Aren't there any plugins?


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        No :/

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 <- in_mp4, for aac/mp4/m4a

          or rip the new in_mp3 and in_mp4 out of winamp5
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            You can't use the new in_mp3 and in_mp4 from Winamp 5.12 because they both share the System\aacPlusDecoder.w5s decoder, and earlier versions of winamp.exe don't recognize .w5s files. Sure, you can use older/buggy versions from 5.0 to 5.112, or you can use the crappy 3rd-party audiocoding/rarewares plugin, heh, but for full functionality, EVERYONE'S best bet is to just install the latest and greatest 5.12

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              Man, I have a ram-meter tool and the new winamp is just too heavy! Don't look the exact winamp.exe process... just look what happens if u shutdown the new winamp and then the old one!

              winamp 5.12 has nothing more than the old ones... Especially for the normal users. If I need professional soft, I will find a better one... I just want a lite player that works easy! And the newer versions are getting heavier having no so big development!


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                Not sure what you're doing there, but 5.12 uses less cpu & memory than 2.9x
                Sure, 5.09 to 5.112 used more memory for large playlists, but that has been greatly optimized in 5.12.

                If you want a Lite player, then either install the Lite version, or install Full, but uncheck whatever features/plugins you don't want in the installer options.

                "winamp 5.12 has nothing more than the old ones"

                I beg to differ.
                It's got hundreds of bugfixes (some critical) in: in_mp3, in_cdda, in_vorbis, in_mod, in_midi, in_wm, in_dshow, out_ds, out_wave, vis_avs, vis_milk, and more, a vastly improved media library (compared to the one in 2.9x), global title formatting, queued playback (far superior to that of wa3), and optional support for: modern skins, video playback, cd ripping & burning, podcasts, etc etc, etc. Oh, and native M4A/AAC/AACPlus support :-p

                "just look what happens if u shutdown the new winamp"

                Maybe you just need to uncheck "look for new channels on exit" in:
                Prefs > Media Library > Online Media > Modify Preferences ?

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                  DJ Egg, I have to excuse myself! Really, the new winamp is greatly improved... And I found the problem after so many tries!

                  It is in the media library. Very strange - it seems that it uses anout 60-80 MB ram! And even when I shut it down.

                  Is it possible that the problem is caused because I have over 30000 titles in there? And how can I improve it ? Cause it's very useful!


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                    Still using a classic skin? (ie. not Modern)
                    Does mem usage decrease when you minimize Winamp?

                    Possible relevant settings:

                    Winamp > Prefs > Media Library:
                    Library Options tab:
                    Uncheck "Display 'Show Info' in media & album views"
                    (or if you want to use this feature, then click the "Hide Info" button in the relevant Local Media views)
                    Checkmark "Do not allow media to auto switch to Now Playing"
                    Modify Settings button:
                    Checkmark "Do not load the ML database at Winamp startup"
                    Uncheck "ML uses same font as Playlist Editor"

                    More tips here

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                      I did these things but there is no decrease of the usage.

                      Perhaps it is because the files are actually not on my PC, but on the other one and I have shared the folders and just added them in my library.

                      I found out that when I type something to search and there are only a few results, the library uses almost no more ram than usual.

                      And yes, I am using the classic skin. Should I Switch to the modern one? Isn't it heavier?


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                        Are you using AVG Anti-Virus?

                        It causes Winamp to hang after it's closed for a good few seconds, while Winamp.ini is scanned. With a library that size, it will definetly be noticeable.

                        The only way to solve the problem is to upgrade to AVG Pro, which has an option to ignore certain files.


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                          Yes, I use AVG Pro.

                          Where can I find this option?


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                            Ok, open up the AVG Control Centre. Then, go to AVG Resident Shield, and click properties.

                            Click on the excludes tab, then click edit excludes.

                            Then click add path, and add the directory where your Winamp program is installed (probably C:\Program Files\Winamp\ assuming your main drive is C). Then restart your computer, as changes only work after a restart.

                            This will stop the problem hopefully. You'll also notice, closing preferences is much quicker too.


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                              How in the heck are you gettin 6mb usage from winamp 5+?

                              holy crap mine uses 50mb+ you guys say the new one uses less memory ok. 2.91 is using 10mb. playing a single mp3. no frills running just basic as basic gets.

                              Winamp V5.0+ is UTTER CRAP!

                              2.91 fires up within 5 seconds. while winamp 5.0+ takes approximately 3 minutes and that is no exaggeration.

                              It did it right from the Start on a brand new fresh install of winxp SP3, were talking about a 2.2 Ghz Dual Core, 2 gig of ram. 10mb line.

                              For some reason 2.91 has always been the excellent old reliable best all around winamp version ever.

                              It is really sad because I love winamp.

                              I cant stand VLC or WMP. And all these other players out there just don't sit well when you have used winamp since the very 1st version. 0.20 if my memory serves me right.

                              Now if someone has some constructive critisism for me on how to get 5.0+ to fire up quicker by all means feel free to email me [email protected]

                              Or a version that supports AACPlus. other than 5.0+


                              And sorry winamp dev's, I know 5.0+ has plenty of features.
                              But there is seriously something wrong with it or i'm doing something wrong.

                              I am tech savvy I usually can fix things like this. *shrug*