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  • Crashes!!! Please Read

    ok Let me explain everything first and then someone tell me whats up .. i have my O/s on C: and i have my storage for all movies mp3s games ect on E: I had My mp3s in Rap , Rock , Misc ect.. folders on E: and i had bookmarks for them on winamp now when i try to load a bookmark folder just sits there and then goes away , i try to load a folder is sits there and crashes and i have uninsallted it 3 times and reinstalled it both in C: and E: drives and it still does it ... it worked fine uptill late today.. i played a mp3 and eailery today and it popped up a little red screen that said bad script and click with the left mouse button and it went away i dont know what the hell that was and i neveer seen that before if u help me and tell me wuts wrong thanks ... u can also email me at [email protected] dont forget the period before mastershake thanks

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    that red box is from a plugin you downloaded (NxS) or maybe a skin. what 3rd party plugins have use recently installed?

    do you get a crash report? click more info.
    appname:winamp appver: ? modname: ???.dll

    bookmarks are working for me in 5.12, perhaps whatever you have installed is conflicting with your bookmarks.

    I would also suggest removing the Hyperlinked email addy...because there are spam spiders that will find it... (edit your previous post and add a space before @ to break the link.) Also noone here would reply to you in eventually someone else will have this question and it benefits everyone this way...out in the open.


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      havnt installed any 3rd party sofware, and no error msgs just goes away


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        ok, answer the following: winamp version, operating system, ram. have you been doing a clean install?

        have you recently moved/renamed your media? perhaps the bookmarks are old.

        the red box should say something...what else does it say? ive never heard of a bookmark crash...


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          Newest version of winamp windows xp pro p3 356ram C: 20gig e:40 gig havnt moved anything .....


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            As billy asked, did you try a clean install of Winamp?

            As for the red screen with the bad script message, was it something like?...
            Script Failure. Press left mouse to continue.
            Guru Meditation some numbers and error type
            Is there anything specific that you can remenber?

            Are you on a multi/limited user profile?

            Are you using a temp file cleaner (example)?

            Do you have a desktop enhancer/utility or shell replacement (DLGXRsizer, yzshadow, nView, Litestep, Samurize, Windows Blinds, Perfect Menu, Aston shell, Winsize etc.)?
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