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strange distortion!!!!

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  • strange distortion!!!!

    I notice that when I play certain mp3z,if I put up the mids slightly in the Winamp equaliser,a crackling sound starts coming in the mp3!!! I don't understand how,coz even if I increase the bass,mids or anything in the equaliser,it should distort only on my speakers,if they can't handle it!!! Here,the crackling distorted effect is directly on the playing mp3,when it is being decoded by the player!!! How can this be possible? Please help!!! Thank you.

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    I think your having the same problem I have. It has to do with the mouse and its use within the winamp GUI..try moving the mouse over and around within the winamp GUI while playing a mp3...., and I have heard this complaint from many people now,I dont have an answer apparently niether does WA


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      Disregard ICORPS' response.

      Funktion, this is not a bug. The equalizer affects music even when decoding so that you can permanently change the peaks of the file. The way to solve the problem is to just turn the EQ off when you want to decode.


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        I seem to be have the same crackling problem.

        I seem to have the problem when im using Internet Explorer with moving objects, eg, banners, Flash and shockwave!

        I have turned off the equilizer to see if this effects it. It still does! I have notice that other users of Winamp have simlier issues like this!

        I have got Winamp 5, and i have now tried previous versions of Winamp 2.x and 3, and this still doesnt fix this problem for me!

        It can be really annoying!


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          Try the following thread, see if any of the tips will apply…
          Howzit....Whatzit...what tha...? How to tune up, and keep your Winamp player humming along. Search this Forum to find others who have driven down your road and have advice and tips to help you out.

          Otherwise please post some system specs

          Windows Version?
          CPU & Speed?
          DirectX version? (Start button > Run... > type DXDIAG > click OK > System tag)
          Sound card?
          Video card?
          Do other media formats skip or have distortion (WAV, MP3, MOD, AVI, NSV and so on)
          Winamp 5 Lite, Full or Pro?
          Do you hae 3rd party Winamp plug-ins?
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            Water Sound..wierd


            I have a sound problem but unlike yours , my music sounds watery when i play it. When you try to turn up the volume or turn off the equilizer it still does not help. Sometimes it will play fine , other times it wont. Even off of the internet it wont play right. Im just trying to listen to mp3's and wma's -whats wrong?

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              Win Xp Pro
              1024MB RAM
              P4 2.8GHz
              DirectX 9.0b
              SB Audigy2 Platinum
              ALL-IN-WONDER Raedon 9700 Pro
              Winamp 5 Full

              everything has the latest updates

              Everytime I extract any zip file or run an exe from a burn't cd Winamp start's to Crackle and Pop and then won't let me push stop or anything, the only way to stop it is to close winamp, but after I re-open it, it won't do anything. Unless I have it closed for a good 10mins

              I have only noticed this during mp3 playback.