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Not happy with 5.2 Online Services / Shoutcast browser? Read this first!

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  • Not happy with 5.2 Online Services / Shoutcast browser? Read this first!

    If you're not happy, for whatever reason, with the new Online Services section of the 5.2 Media Library (ie. the replacement for the old Online Media section), then please do NOT start a new thread in this forum about it.

    Please read the following threads/posts first:

    FAQ: Online Services

    Online Services Poll Part Deux

    5.2 Shoutcast browser poll

    Any new threads started will be locked.

    No, you're not being censored exactly,
    it's just that everything that needed saying has already been said.


    As a result of what's already been said, many changes are being made.
    Please read this post first before making any rash posts yourself:

    Update Post

    The * next to an entry means it's already been applied.

    Here is a screenshot of the current SC-TV view
    (for those who switched back to 5.13 prior to when these changes were applied).

    Note that there's a few extra updates which have been applied since that screenshot was posted, eg. a Config button for extra options (including Bandwidth Filter).


    If you're really that desperate to get the old behaviour back,
    then you can try this unsupported 3rd-party workaround/hack:
    Discussion and help for Winamp plug-ins and add-on development, because shop talk makes for mo bettah tweaking. Threads not development related will be locked.

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    SHOUTcast Radio/TV lists in ML Is Down.

    Re: SHOUTcast Radio/TV Error messages:
    No Stations Available | Genre Load Failed | Only 30 Streams

    [edit > JonnyMac] See below (Update 3) for the Only 30 Streams issue. [/edit]

    Note: Although very progressive work has gone on there still may be some lingering intermittent/sporadic issues. Which is why this Sticky was restickied and still remains. A very big thanks to everyone who worked/working very hard to get SHOUTcast back.

    See last post for possible updates


    Yes, the SHOUTcast Radio & TV listing in the Media Library is down. This is a server end (not yours or Winamp end) issue. You may see messages like "no stations available", "Genre load failed" or maybe even some script errors.

    Patience is a virtue. As DJ Egg mentioned...
    Hopefully it will be resolved shortly (assuming that someone's working over the (Easter) weekend).
    Keep your fingers crossed, but don't hold your breath.

    This issue does not affect the other Online Services in the ML.

    There are some workarounds....

    For Media Library > Online Services > SHOUTcast Radio, try typing genre or the name of a radio station in the Search box.

    If you have SHOUTcast TV or Radio links in Winamp's bookmarks or saved playlists, there is a good chance you can connect from there.

    If you know the home page of your favorite SHOUTcast Radio/TV stations, connect from there.

    The 'Top 500' link, in the SHOUTcast Radio of the ML is still working. (Working at the time of this post)

    For SHOUTcast radio stations go to (Working at the time of this post). Or click on the yellow SHOUTcast banner at the top of Media Library > Online Services > SHOUTcast Radio.

    As for SHOUTcast TV.

    For Media Library > Online Services > SHOUTcast TV, try typing a letter in the search box. Do not try this for SHOUTcast Radio. Thanks to jamosos for this workaround.

    SHOUTcast TV/NSV streams are not listed at However there are partial NSV Stream Lists here:
    winamp tv,winamp television,nsv,nullsoft video,video streaming,internet television,internet tv,internet video,shoutcast video

    Discussion and support for NSV. A new video format designed to be easily streamed, support any audio and video codec, and be usable on nearly any platform. WARNING: Beta Software, not for the weak.

    Thanks to DJ Egg for the SHOUTcast TV listings. That list is a cut & paste job from a very earlier thread, so some links may be out of date.

    To discuss this issue please go to the following thread and post there...
    Howzit....Whatzit...what tha...? How to tune up, and keep your Winamp player humming along. Search this Forum to find others who have driven down your road and have advice and tips to help you out.

    All new threads concerning this issue will be locked or deleted.
    Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
    Read the Stickies
    ---> | | | | <--- Knowledge is power


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      I'm re-stickyfying this, because the SC-TV Listings are still returning "No stations available", and some of the SC-Radio Genres still fail too, eg. Top 500.
      Also, the listings in general are loading a lot slower than normally...

      Basically, half of the shoutcast yp farm are still a bit flaky.

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        Just as a friendly note....

        The listings should be available again and fixed for good. We did a lot of work on the database and the SHOUTcast site itself over the last few days. It purrs like a kitten now and with double the speed! MEOW!
        Please don't PM me for technical support. Other users can't search through PM's so it does the other users no good.


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          There's still some sporadic problems.
          SC-TV still says "No stations available"
          (it might work once in a while, or it might not load the full list),
          and you might occasionally see "Genre Load Failed" in SC-Radio,
          and some genres from the Quick Genre drop-down or Genre Selection Bar might still sometimes return "No Stations Available".

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            Latest Update

            mmmm, it's looking fixed... for now


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              Current Status

              Shoutcast TV search is broken

              And apparently, TV and Radio Listings aren't updating. More info here:
              Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

              Note again, these are all serverside issues, and not Winamp client related.

              It's also possible that support for pre 5.2 versions is broken due to the old servers frying, ie. it wasn't intentional. Note that the "upgrade needed" error message also appears on

              Update 2
              Ok, the flash listings on is now fixed
              Though I'm not sure if listings on pre 5.2 builds is/will be fixed yet...

              Update 3
              The old pre-5.2x listings are limited to 30 streams only.
              The old list server fried due to flaws in the old listing method.
              It is deemed no longer viable to maintain/serve the old listings. Sorry.
              Full content (including ~13,000 shoutcast radio streams) is available in 5.21.

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                  Current Status Report

                  Serverside Issues

                  -Shoutcast TV search is still broken

                  -Intermittent 'genre load failed' and 'no stations available' errors still occurring in Shoutcast Radio & TV listings :-(

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                    Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
                    Read the Stickies
                    ---> | | | | <--- Knowledge is power


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                      Unstuck & linked to in FAQ thread instead
                      (ie. the one which no-one seems to read anyway).

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