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Online Sevices cause runtime errors

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  • Online Sevices cause runtime errors

    Well hello there.

    First, the data:
    Dell Inspirion 4550 mobo
    P4 2.8G & 256mb PC3200
    Ati R9550
    WinXP Home sp2
    DX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
    Winamp 5.2 full

    System is clean, no unnecessary process running, no spy- or malware, no virus/trjoan aso., no DX issues (McAfee Enterprise 7.1, Sygate Personal Firewall, AdAware, Spybot S&D, checked with Hijackthis (yes, I know how to deal with that data).

    Since I've updated to 5.2, I get exceptions when clicking on any of the online services in Winamp (Winamp does not crash though).
    E.g. when clicking on "Shoutcast Radio" I get error popups saying (translated from german):

    There's been a runtime error.
    Do you wish to start the debugmode?

    Line: 464
    Error: Automationserver can't create object.

    It happens on ALL online services. The only thing what changes is the "line" number, it is for:
    AOL XM: 159
    AOL Videos: 280
    Shoutcast Radio: 464 and 722
    Shoutcast TV: 333
    Winamp Music: 243 and 123
    Singing Fish: 113 (note: error appears only after starting a search)

    As this might have something to do with the shoutcast servers: I'm connecting from Switzerland.

    Still, playback of streams works (using bookmarks or links from the stations websites) and as I said, Winamp doesn't crash.

    I've updated first, then made a fresh, clean installation, the result remained the same.

    Hope this helps you fix this, thank you and good luck!

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    Hmm... possibly related to having too High internet security settings..?

    (eg. Javascript and/or ActiveX disabled for the Internet Zone)

    Can you try adding * and * to the Trusted Sites zone

    (Control Panel > Internet Options > Security tab)

    and let us know if the problem persists?

    (you may need to uncheck "require server verification (https)" first)

    Note: You may also need to add * as well, though I'm not entirely sure about that (ie. one of the javascripts is hosted on the aolcdn server).

    Also note that if you don't have any other sites in the Trusted Zone, then you can reset the Trusted Zone to medium-high (or even medium) level, instead of Low, and you still won't get any script errors when loading the Online Services views. The script errors will only occur when the Internet Zone is set to High security level, because that's the equivalent of putting & in the Restricted Sites zone.


    Update / Addendum

    It would seem that the most common cause of this problem is if is blocked at the hosts file level or by a script/ad blocker.

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      Wow, that seems to have solved it, thank you!

      Still, it's not like I understand how the IE security settings prevented the Winamp browser from accessing the winamp online services...? After all, was (obviously) accessible through my browser.

      I mean, I didn't have those sites actively blocked anywhere and IE is still in virgin installation mode as I've been using Firefox ever since this installation of WinXP is running and I'm not using the WinXP firewall (s I've been using the Sygate FW ever since.

      Is Winamp 5.2 actualy (ab)using IE in the background for it's online services browser? Makes me kinda nervous...


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        Script error fix

        Much thanks to DJ Egg. Adding winamp and shoutcast to my trusted sites worked!


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          runtime error due to a corrupt regsitrym you can do a registry scan here


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            Hi. I've been using shoutcast radio for quite a long time and never had any issues. I upgraded my winamp (free version) to 5.572 version and since then I cannot have access shoutcast radio. there's a message saying :

            Line: 372
            Error: 'window.external.OnMedia.Config' is zero or is not an object.

            I tried every solution suugested below with no results. I keep installing - unistalling and nothing changes. What the hell has happened ? Shoutcast radio used to be so much fun! Can anybody help me please ????