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  • Titles in Now Playing for Streams

    I'm a little confused about how titles are constructed and displayed in the various places in WinAmp.

    Here's the thing:

    I use Slimserver to stream music files to WinAmp on various computers on my home network. To do this, I "play" a URL like http://slimservip:9000/stream.mp3 and then use the SlimServer browser interface to select songs to play in Winamp.

    The confusing part is that Slimserver serves up the tag info Track - Artist - Title and so forth. This info displays correctly in WinAmp on the song ticker and notifiers, so I'm guessing the ATF stuff is figuring out what to do. The title info even shows up correctly in the playlist window.

    But Now Playing just shows "stream" for the title and the slimserverip and port for the album.

    Is there any way to get Now Playing to figure out the title information in the same way as the other components?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Ok...just trying to figure out how title and tag info gets passed and parsed by the Now Playing window.

    No takers? (Maybe my q is deemed inappropriate because it involves SlimServer?)

    If so, sorry to all, no offense intended.

    Mr Forum Admin, feel free to do whatever u need to to the thread to keep the forums tidy.