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Crashing when switching stations

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  • Crashing when switching stations

    I'm having an issue where I can start a shoutcast stream from within winamp and it will play just fine I can listen to it all day if I wanted to, but when I try to switch to a different station winamp will crash. I have done a clean install and tried it without modifying any of the default settings. It crashed on the first stream I tried but after trying again it has been exhibiting the usual play->switch->crash behaviour as detailed above. No 3rd party plug-ins are installed and I made sure of this by wiping the winamp directory. The stream continues playing interestingly enough until I close the error message then all of winamp closes.

    My specs are:

    ABit BX-133 Raid
    768 MB ram
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz soundcard 4.193 drivers
    Elsa GLADIAC nVidia GeForce 2 GTS 71.89 drivers (last official ones that supported the GTS)
    Windows XP SP2
    DirectX 9.0c
    Winamp version 5.21 Full install with video file support not installed

    Error message:
    AppName: winamp.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown
    ModVer: Offset: 00000000

    HiJack This log file attached
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    Try disabling the Station Info browser popup thing...
    Winamp > Prefs > Station Info:
    Uncheck: automatically show info on station tune-in

    Maybe your Ad Muncher is trying to block it in some way or other?
    (Station Info uses an embedded Internet Explorer page)

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      Yeah it seems it was Ad Muncher that was interfering with it so I made sure to add winamp to the do not filter list. I went through trying a number of random stations with it disabled and it didn't crash, after re-enabling filtering it crashed after 2 stations switches. It didn't matter though whether I enabled or disabled the station info pop-up. Thanks for the help, I should've tried that earlier!


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        I can confirm this behaviour!

        I'm also using AdMuncher, and when it is activated it will cause Winamp to crash after 1-2 channel switches, no matter if the Station Info window is active or not.

        Adding Winamp to the "do not filter those applications" list fixes the problem.

        AdMuncher manipulates all HTTP transfers, and obviously Winamp doesn't like that when streaming sound from a radio station. BTW, Winamp 2 did not have this "problem" (if you wish to call it that) yet.


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          I'm also having this problem but I'm using McAfee for my computer and I don't understand what you di with AdMuncher to fix the problem. If anyone knows what I have to do using McAfee let me know. I have already tried disabling the privacy service or whatever and it still crashes so if anyone can tell me what I have to add or delete through this program please help!


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            In AdMuncher I just had to add Winamp to the list of programs that are excluded from ad filtering. You do that this way:

            * open Configuration dialog
            * go to tab "Options"
            * go to subtab "Filter Targets"
            * set the "Filter targets" dropdown box to "My filter targets"
            * put "-winamp:*" (minus the quotes) in the list


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              is admucher your virus scanner? because the only thing that I found relative to that filter thing was block pop ups and ad for my internet explorer, this is really starting to piss me off that nothing I do it working for me


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                Nope, AdMuncher is not a virus scanner but an advertisement filter (blocks ad graphics, animations, popups and so on) for all web browsers. It operates on a quite low level, not as a proxy but it filters all communication on port 80. Winamp 5 obviously doesn't like that (Winamp 2 had no such problem btw), so I had to add an exclusion rule.


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                  ok but i don't have that so it should be affecting me like it is...


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                    Crashing when switching stations

                    I dont use admuncher but still suffer from this problem. I can open up a channel/station first time (either radio or tv) but as soon as i choose another channel/station winamp closes with no sign of an error message.

                    Please help as this is really getting on my nerves, I have added the appropriate info plus zipped txt files.

                    PC: Compaq Presario R4000 Laptop
                    CPU: AMD XP64 3200+ (@ 2.0 GHZ)
                    Memory: 2GB ram
                    Audio: Conexant AC-Link Digital Audio
                    Video: ATI Radeon Xpress 200M 128MB
                    O/S: Windows XP SP2
                    DirectX: 9.0c
                    Winamp version: 5.33 Bundle
                    Internet Connection: Cable Broadband 2-4 Mb
                    Browser: Internet Explorer 7
                    Firewall: Zone Alarm Security Suite (Also for anti-virus)
                    CD/DVD Drive: LG HL-DT-ST DVD RW GCA-4080N

                    Error Message/s: None, just closes
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                      after messing around with my firewall settings for winamp.exe and winampa.exe (set the trust level to its highest setting) i tried running winamp again and this time when choosing another channel/station I got an xp error message which included the gen_faceboxen.dll

                      After hunting down this dll, I discovered that it was a plugin for the facebox website, once I uninstalled the plugin I can now say all is well... for now


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                        I am having a very similiar issue. However, what is happening is I can't play any radio on my Winamp. Every time I try to, it closes as soon as I hit open for playing the URL. I'm running on 5.35 for Winamp and I don't have AdMuncher on my computer. I tried to make it as something that was excluded on my Avast but that didn't help. I'm at a loss now. I run both Avast and ZoneAlarm for anti-virus and ZoneAlarm is my firewall. My OS is Windows XP with SP2. Help!!!


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                          I have had this happen to me in every release of winamp for as long as I remember but I think just version 5 onwards..
                          If I select the streams from, the AOL section or the Video On Demand stuff, I can browse through until it gets to where you see the pictures for each show and you can click to play them, I click them, it starts to play (I see the small dialogue popup showing connection) and then winamp disappears, closes. No error message nothing!
                          I have tried all sorts of things to try and fix this but nothing will work!
                          It also happens with all of the AOL radio streams! It doesn't happen with the shoutcast part of the program. Shoutcast TV and Radio work fine but I think I am right in saying, EVERYTHING else in the online stream section of medialibrary causes this instant closedown of winamp.
                          I have seen quite a few mentions of this over the years and yet it has never been solved. Why is it that I have had it happen with various versions and even after a reinstall of windows??
                          Can anyone shed any light on this?


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                            Hmm it seems it is the AudioScrobbler plugin that causes this as someone said in another thread. I disabled it and now I am watching any streaming video or radio that I want to..even the AOL ones.
                            I must submit this as a bug to winamp or livefm..hmm
                            So there is the solution. Go into your plugins, via preferences, then go to medialibrary, then look for AudioScrobbler, then configure, then untick the box that says ENABLE. Then restart winamp and go try a stream now.
                            If it still does the same thing then you need to go into C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins and look for the following file (Make sure winamp is not running!)
                            locate - ml_audioscrobbler.dll and rename it to ml_audioscrobbler.dll.old
                            That way you still keep it for future use if you want it. You might be able to still 'scrobble' your music to livefm by using their more recent scrobbler software. (I just preferred the older one as it is less intrusive).
                            I could easily make a small batch script that, if you were going to play video on your winamp, you would have this file as an icon on desktop called Winamp Videoplay , you would simply click it then winamp would start, with audioscrobbler disabled for that winamp session. Then when you run winamp to play music later you'd have to click another winamp icon (this would replace the usual one) and it would start winamp with audioscrobbler enabled again.
                            If anyone wants that workaround let me know and I'll send you it with instructions.


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                              Okay, I have downloaded the newest Winamp. The 10th Anniversary edition one. I'm not finding the ml_audioscrobbler.dll file that you are talking about. Can anyone help me. I'm still having problems with playing internet radio on Winamp. There is one station in particular that only plays on Winamp. If I could get it to play on something else I wouldn't care so much. My fiance is having problems with it freezing on him since he downloaded the Anniversary edition. HELP US, PLEASE!