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How can I remap playlist entries?

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  • How can I remap playlist entries?

    Hi, I've been looking for a way to remap the playlist entries to their corresponding files in my hard drive, but haven't come with any easy way. I have this playlist, but recently i reorganized my files in different folders, so i want the playlist to remap the files. Is there any way or plug-in to accomplish this? any ideas?

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    If you moved all files from one to another location, you can open the m3u file in Notepad and use the Find/Replace feature to replace all old paths with the new one. But if you moved your files all around, that's not really useful...

    Another option is to install Dynamic Library and use its 'Playlist repair' feature. See here for instructions:
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    If you ever want to move files around again, you could try ml_plfix. That plugin will scan your playlists. Once scanned, it should be able to re-find files that get moved.
    So that plugin is only helpful if you scan the playlist before moving files around. It only works for ML playlists, from what I gathered. Never tried the plugin myself...
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      Thanks a lot, i had been searching for some time now nad i even got dynamic library, but didn't see that feature. Thanks!!


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        The main drawback is that it has to be done one by one, it would be nice to set a root folder to search the files.


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          Mmh, I haven't used the feature for ages so I'm not sure, but from what I remember it does suggestions for new paths based on previously selected folders. So be sure to use the Browse folder button, not the Browse file button.

          From the DL Documentation...
          "Repair broken links"
          Will prompt user to locate files that have broken pathways in the playlist file.

          When files in the playlist are not found, a dialog will popup. You will be able to select the correct location by clicking the 'Browse file' or 'Browse folder' button. If more files in the playlist are missing, it will remember which folder you selected the first time and look there first. When the correct location is selected/found, you can click the 'Change' button to update the path in the playlist.
          The 'Browse file' button can be useful when the filename has changed (and therefore the 'Browse folder' button won't work). If the file doesn't exist anymore, you can click the 'Remove' button to remove the file from the playlist. If you don't want to edit the path of a missing file, click 'Skip'. To abort the playlist repair, press the 'x' button at the top right of the dialog.
          So play around with it a bit...

          But even if you have to do each file one by one, I still think this is the easiest way.
          I'm not aware of other plugins or ways to do this, apart from what I mentioned in my previous post. But perhaps there are other (stand-alone) utilities out there...
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