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    for the past week now i have had an error message appear when i tyr to use any online service

    this has only happened since i upgraded my winamp

    im not gonna post an angry message like the error message says but can you plaese give me some info on this matter

    cheers guys ^_^
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    Here is the same.

    Versions before the actual Version are Working correct.

    At the Moment I have the feeling, that the Operating System an the Version of the InternetExplorer is the Problem.

    Mine is:

    Windows 2000 with Internetexplorer 5

    Can that it be ?

    with best Regards


    P.s.: What Operating System and Version of the Internetexplorer do you have ?


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      @ Cyclops

      Try updating to Internet Explorer 6. In another thread SuprDave updated from IE5 to IE6 and was a very happy Winamper, however cyberoidx refused to update and remained a sad Winamper.

      I would not suggest installing IE 7, as it is apparently still in beta and there are compatibility issues with Online Services causing script errors.

      @ batesy2006
      Are you using IE5? If so try updating to IE6.
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        People seem to be misapplying the word "beta" to Microsoft's "beta" products.

        For MS, a product reaches the public (as IE7 for XPSP2 has currently done) when it has entered the final stages of beta. This implies a feature-freeze (sorry, RSS support will still suck, ActiveX behavior is not going to change, and the tabs are going to stay exactly as they are).

        This problem will not be "fixed." On the contrary, IE7 is "working as intended."

        If you'd like, I'll be happy to file as many bug reports as I can on the subject, and MS reps will be happy to close them all, filed as... "as intended."


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          I'm using IE7. I've had no problems with it before, only recently. My friend's Winamp works fine with IE7 aswell.


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            If you have not done so already, try adding the following sites to Internet Explorer's trusted zones (Microsoft Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options... > Security tab > Trusted Sites icon > Sites... button)

            Also, if using a firewall, make it gives Winamp proper/full access.
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              I just uninstalled IE7 and went back to the last version of IE, Now online service are all good to go. I also put winamp as trusted.


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                ok done that still no joy

                when the latest winamp was made was IE7 taken into account and/or tested with IE7


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                  well ive downgraded to IE6

                  everythin is workin now but .... i hope that the next winamp will be fully compatible with IE7

                  thx for the help guys keep up the good work


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                    I will test that.


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                      I posted many times about winamp 5.21 not working on the shoutcast net and I've been rude about that and full conscious about that matter.
                      I'm here to say that after some ( few) days all is ok. I don't know why,I didn't change any of my settings, but that's the truth: it works in the same way as before. I think that the crew worked about the problem that a lot of user were refering and I want to tell my thanks to the crew now. Wellcome back winamp !


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                        Sticky: SHOUTcast Radio/TV: No Stations Available | Genre Load Failed | Upgrade Needed

                        You mean that?

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                          Hi all.

                          After the InternetExplorer - Update to Version 6 Winamp is now full functionally.

                          I think it will be fine that you should update the Minimum System Requirements with the Info that the InternetExplorer 6 has to be installed to run the WinAmp - Version 5.21

                          with best regards



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                            wtf ?! updating to crapy ie6 for da online service ???
                            he guys make it working with ie5x
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                              How do I get Winamp online services to work if I am not admin and can not install new IE?