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winamp media files do not have any symbols since I installed Quicktime

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    OK, TweakUI couldn't fix it. I tried, then I went to the filtypes setting in the explorer, managed it to set the winamp filetypes again as "winamp media files", don't ask me how, it was somehow with a button called "wiederherstellen" in the options of this menu. As they were calles winamp media file again, I tried to repair them again with tweakUI, but didn't work again. Tried to uninstall media player, but it's not possible for me. You can select it to uninstall at settings --> software --> windows components --> windows media player, but then it doesn't uninstall.


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      Please give me the FULL list of extensions (eg. .mp3, .wav, .ogg, .m4a, .aac, etc) that you want to be associated with Winamp (ie. have the Winamp icon and "Winamp Media File" description), and then I'll knock you up a registry fix.

      btw, what does 'wiederherstellen' translate as? Does it mean 'restore' or 'advanced'?

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        As "advanced" means "erweitert" in german, "wiederherstellen" must be "restore". Yes, used the restore button to set the files back to winamp media file.

        Files asociated with winamp:


        before there was *.mod also asociated, but as this one HAS a strange symbol wich may belong to one of my CAD software, i left it out then.

        thank you for your help!


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          Ok, before I make the .reg file, can you just confirm that the file icon in Windows Explorer folders still doesn't display/change when you change the icon in:
          Winamp > Prefs > File Types.

          I assume you've got it set to the default icon, yes?
          ie. the 2nd icon from the top of the slider selection, which under WinXP is the orange lightning bolt on a light blue background.

          Is that the icon you want?

          Does the icon change in Explorer if you select a different File Icon in Winamp Prefs, ie. by moving the slider down to a different icon? Make sure all Explorer folders are closed first, then reopen the folder containing the media files, and hit F5 (refresh)...

          And can you also please tell us what your current "screen resolution" and "color quality" settings are (Control Panel > Display > Settings tab), eg. 1600 x 1200 | Highest (32 bit).


          Aah crap, I also need to know the path to where Winamp is installed.

          eg. by default = C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe

          but it might be different on your system, if it's not in English locale
          (eg. "C:\Programmme\Winamp\" or something)

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            the path where winamp is stored / installed is: c:\programme\winamp\
            My screen resolution is 1024 x 768 @ 32bit. I have already tried different file icons, not only the default, nothing works. I always tried to chance icons by the winamp preferences, because in the context menues for example of an *.mp3 file, there is no option available to change icons (I want to say that it is not possible for me to set another symbol for an *.mp3 file, for example, by right click --> ...)
            Always the windows - not asociated - symbol.



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              Quicktime really messes things up. I went through the same deal, and I don't think my system recovered even after uninstalling Quicktime. I suppose you tried a full uninstall of Quicktime (might have to refer to online help for how to uninstall all elements). Looks though like DJ Egg is fixin' to give you a registry merge file to fix this, and that will probably do it. I've seen him work magic on tough nuggets like this. :-)


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                Ok, we'll start with trying a really basic registry fix, and if this doesn't work, then we'll need to dig deeper.

                Unzip the reg file from the attached zip and double-click it to merge it with the registry.

                Note, the .reg file is for das Grüne only (or anyone whose Winamp is installed to C:\Programme\Winamp under Win2k/XP).
                Attached Files

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                  finally got the time for a reply - it still doesn't work. but I think we should leave it as it is, it's not worth spending hours of time and work for f***ing symbols. But thank you very much for your help!


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                    Meh, i'm having the same problem, my icons look ugly... and its freakin annoying


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                      Had the same problem, don't know exactly which program caused it.

                      Fyi - i've got Quicktime and Winamp 5.2x on my system.

                      Solution: delete the value at

                      On my PC it was a NeroDigital related CLSID

                      Afterwards, log off or kill explorer and check
                      (maybe restart Winamp to let it fix the icon setting, dunno)


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                        so one of Nero or QuickTime (and/or ArchiCAD) is modifying the Winamp.File reg key?
                        Lovely! (not)

                        Yup, that reg key (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Winamp.File\ShellEx\IconHandler) should not exist (ie. it's not added/used by Winamp).

                        The only relevant/legit icon key should be:

                        Thanks for the info.

                        We could do with confirmation of whether it's Nero or QuickTime that's responsible.
                        But in the meantime, we're gonna add code to the Winamp Agent to auto detect & delete that dodgy IconHandler key.

                        You can now use DrO's patch to auto remove the offending registry key

                        (Extract and run iconhandler_fix.exe)

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                          had the same problem...found this in the registry key that joey said to delete {B327765E-D724-4347-8B16-78AE18552FC3} so i am assuming its nero messing with it since i got the same thing


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                            got it to work now...delete that key and restart your comp and mess around with winamp prefences and it will will need to close it and start it a couple of times...and refresh the folder where the files are at too

                            Winamp > Prefs > File Types
                            Make sure MP3 and any other extensions of your choice are selected (hi-lighted), and that "restore associations on winamp startup" is checkmarked, and select an icon of your choice via the slider under "File Icon".


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                              Re: winamp media files do not have any symbols since I installed Quicktime

                              Originally posted by das Grüne
                              - re-installed winamp
                              - re-installed quicktime
                              - re-installed realplayer
                              Uninstall realplayer, that thing is an evil POS (use real alternative instead)
                              At the very least go into its options and unassociate it from everything but real media files, and take its extra junk off startup.

                              also remove the quicktime taskbar icon from startup,
                              I would take that itunes one off there too

                              start, run, "msconfig", 'startup' tab, uncheck the extra worthless junk, and reboot

                              I'm not a fan of winampagent myself, but its your call on that one I don't consider its usefullness to be worth the resources it takes up.
                              /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕人\


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                                I had the same missing icon problem. All I did was open regedt32.exe, save (export) the entire registry, just in case, then navigate to the following key and then delete it (I exported this key as well, just in case)


                                I closed WinAmp, restarted WinAmp, and then all my icons were pointing to the correct icon in WinAmp (index #4 - the black one)