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  • Adding files with L...

    ... gives me some troubles. I want to hide the playlist editor, so I can make WinAmp large and thin to place it above Windows taskbar
    But, when I press J, Amp erases my current playlist, and adds the file. Is there any way to make WinAmp add the file, without removing the whole list from the playlist?
    Thanks in advance.

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    <L> Opens a file(clears the playlist) if the main window has focus and only Adds if the Playlist is in focus.

    You have the option with in the 'Open file(s)' box to right click the file(s) and use 'Enqueue in Winamp'.



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      No, you don't understand. I want a quick key to enqueue files without the need of having a context menu, or in that case, a navigation window.
      If I had to have a window open, I'd stay with the playlist editor, but I don't want to have it there.


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        If not totally hide the Playlist Editor you may also turn it to Windowshade mode and even (if you like) for the Main Window. That way you can have it thin with desired width & all functionality. I guess Main Window doesnt have a hotkey for enqueueing files. However in the Windowshade mode all the hotkeys would work (depending on which window has focus that time). I hope this would help to some extent.
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