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  • Changing Drive Letter

    Hi all. I've used winamp for a while now (I think since 2.0) and absolutley LOVE it. I just partitioned my harddrive and installed windows Vista on the new partition. After I installed winamp, I opened up a playlist from my old partition. I found out that Vista had changed the drive letters on me, and even though all my songs are in the same place, the drive letter is different. i.e. instead of D:\music\song it's E:\music\song. Is it possible to change the drive letter of a bunch of songs at once? Or do I need to go and change them all manually?

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    Playlists are editable in a text editor. Open PlaylistName.m3u or PlayList.pls in a text editor and use the find & replace feature.

    There are other methods, see the following reply for other methods on "mending" playlist(s)...
    The "changing the playlists location" link is basically the idea mentioned above. As a precaution, you may want to backup the playlists before using any of the mend/fix methods.
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