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Loud or Hissing Noises Cause an Auto-Volume Leveling

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  • Loud or Hissing Noises Cause an Auto-Volume Leveling

    If I play a song that has either hissing noises or just plain loud noises, a volume control seems to kick in and make the sounds softer. This is beginning to bug me. On some songs, if the singer just pronounces an "S", it auto-corrects it! I've tried looking through the output options and such, but couldnt find anything. Please help!

    I am using the most recent version of winamp.

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    Not a built in feature of Winamp. Check for any DSP plugins running.

    Preferences > Plugins > DSP/Effect.

    And there is even a chance it might be something to do with your sound card drivers.
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      I'm not using a DSP/Effect, i just checked. Also, I doubt its a Sound Card thing since this only happens with winamp.


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        Any other third-party plugins?

        Also try these DirectSound output tweaks.
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