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Changing playlist paths

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  • Changing playlist paths

    How do I create a playlist that I would put inside the folder with the music I want in the playlist which would work if I changed paths of the mp3s (If I moved them and the playlist to another folder)?

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    There is not a function in Winamp to automatically update playlists. However, there are several workarounds.

    "changing the playlists location"


    Dynamic Library suggestion (full thread)


    ml_plfix suggestion for Media Library playlists (full thread)

    There are a number of plug-ins that supposedly help with the process of "repairing" or/and "updating" playlists after files have added, moved, deleted and/or renamed (etc.). However they have not been met by good reviews and the basic opinion is they do not work very well or as they should. So I personally would not suggest them. However, as a FYI, here is a list in no particular order...
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      Well, after browsing the web a bit more I found a program "music nfo builder". I'll just have to create playlists again (300+) in the same folders of the mp3s and they should work even if I changed their paths.
      Thanks anyway JonnyMac