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I need to find a file in Winamp

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  • I need to find a file in Winamp

    Some time ago, I wrote in this forum about a problem I had with noisy mp3 files in Winamp. I got a great deal of help in trying to find the problem, but no real solution.

    But I had a trouble free installation in another computer. So I copied out that .exe file and re-installed with it on the computer that had the problem. I apparently erred in not associating properly with file types, and so only wound up with the barest minimum.

    Can anyone tell me what file in the installation from which I copied would have the file types, so that I can copy it and paste into the new install, so that I do not have to do another complete re-install, redo my 20 gig library and re-establish my bookmarks for web streams?

    I mean, you know, I can do it all over again, but if I can avoid it with a simple copy and paste, it would make me very happy.

    Both of my computers have paid versions with registration keys.



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    All the relevant config files are listed here

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