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  • problems with burning

    I have run into a major problem with v.5.3.2. I can't burn full length files to a CD. I rolled back to 5.2.4, and I am ok, although all my playlists are gone.
    Someone mentioned that the software which helps in burning CDs had been updated, and with that a lot of people got messed up. And, still, every day I get the notice to upgrade Winamp. Is lack burning ability an upgrade.
    If someone answered my previous appeals, sorry, I never found an answer.

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    failure to burn CDs

    In a previous post, I thought that I had licked the problem of burning CDs with v.5.32. I was mistaken. No sooner I tried to burn a CD, that I got the same old problem. Also the first few seconds of all songs were burned. also, it did not recognize the songs, in first place. I am back to v.5.24, which works like a charm.


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      Evidently, I must be the only one who can't burn CDs with 5.32, and complains about it. I know of others, who have given up on Winamp, but I don't want to do that. Winamp5.24 Pro works, but it should be updated. May be there is some incompatibility between 5.32 and my CD burner. I will accept that. Is there any place where I can get 5.3 or 5.31. May be they will work. Another possibility, as this happened with MusicMatch. I have to spend my money all over after a certain length of time. Is this happening with Winamp. If this is the case, I should be grateful that I can anything with Winamp, as I can't even use MusicMatch, and I don't have a good news group behind it. I can't even talk to them.


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        I have this same problem too. I know that we're not the only ones...I've seen a couple of threads in the forum. Not sure why, but I generally can't burn past track 6.


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          Please provide system and Winamp specifications (specs)...Hopefully one of us will be able to see what might be causing the issue.
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            I had provided all the necessary info before, in December. I admit that I did not do it again, so here we are: WinXP Home,
            emachines T2885. HD about 28GB left, 512MB memory,LITE-ON LTR 48327S CD-ROM (and, I guess recorder). Winamp5.24 Pro records flawlessly. Winamp5.32 PRO records only 3-19 sec. segments of songs. This has been verified after Clean Install (and new download). The first recording after clean install appeared to have worked ok in testing mode, but actual recording made a mess.
            I am presently using v.5.24 Pro. I had been told that there had been an update of the recording software, which may have been incompatible with my hardware. Other than that I received no clue. I thought that v.5.30 or 5.31 may behave differently.
            Sorry about my username, but it represents what has been going on in the past six weeks.
            By the way, I was, finally, able to install Music Match.
            Any other software, including Winamp5.24 Pro is working perfectly. Win5.32 Pro works fine in every way, except recordong. Just a crazy idea. Any way to install 5.32, but use the recording part of 5.24, which I can back up?


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              I am not sure if it is possible to have 5.32 with the older SONIC component.

              Anyways, a Hijack This log might be helpful. Instructions for posting a HjT log can be found in the system specs link.

              Anyone else with ideas or suggestions?
              Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
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                I have tried to attach the Hijack.log file, but the newsgroup says that it has an invalid extention. I hope that someone can figure this out.
                I know of only another person who has had a problem like mine, but even with v.5.24.
                I am using v.5.24 to listen to some music.
                should I go through the entire operation with 5.32. It does not seem to be worthwhile.
                Could Sonic be contacted?