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Uninstalling Winamp solved my problems with Easy CD Creator (Roxio)

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  • Uninstalling Winamp solved my problems with Easy CD Creator (Roxio)

    Just a quick line ask a final question and to share my bittersweet success story : Roxio software was not seeing my two CD/DVD burners as recorders, so I couldn't burn CDs or DVDs with it. Winamp wasn't seeing them either. However, both RealPlayer and the Windows XP Explorer were seeing them and burning CDs OK.
    After weeks of going back and forth between Roxio and Freecom (the hardware vendor) installing patches, updating the registry, etc, I posted a message here and Rocker tipped me on the fact that Winamp and Easy CD share the Sonic Engine, so it probably wasn't a coincidence that the two displayed the same behaviour.
    I uninstalled both programmes thoroughly: Winamp and Roxio. After restarting the PC I reinstalled Roxio's Easy CD Creator 6 and it now does see the recorders and is working happily.

    I am now looking for tips on how to reinstall my favourite audio programme (yes, it's still Winamp) without messing up my burning software. From what I picked up reading through the forums, it looks like I have two options:

    - revert to an older version (Rocker mentioned 5.24 but it isn't available on, also not sure that he mentioned it because if it was notorious for its misfunctioning or because it's the safest version around)

    - do a customised reinstall of any version--current or old--and uncheck the Sonic option to avoid installing the faulty burning engine.

    Could someone please tell me if this is correct and which version I should install? I'd be happy to go back to an old one: 5.32 had a lot of stuff that I don't really need: shoutcast, and names I can't even remember.

    Happy burning in 2007

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    I'd personally go with the second option: install the latest version without Sonic Ripping/Burning support. The Sonic engine is notorious for causing conflicts with other Sonic software.
    Note that without Sonic Ripping/Burning support, you'll still be able to rip CDs using the ASPI Layer instead (info). You'd only miss the burning feature.

    You could indeed try an older Winamp version that has an older version of the Sonic engine, but there's still a chance that that old version will conflict with the Roxio software as well.
    Winamp 5.24 uses an older version of the Sonic engine, I think Rocker suggested that maybe you were using that (or an older) version previously (when it worked fine).
    (btw, 5.24 is available on )
    If you're bored go here or, if the boredom is more serious, here.


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      ugh, I hit quote instead of edit...
      If you're bored go here or, if the boredom is more serious, here.


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        quote? edit?... I don't get it, Siebe, but thanks a (bra)zillion anyway: 5.24 was indeed there, I should have looked further than the homepage (is there a smiley for guilt?).

        Rocker, thanks a lot to you too, and if you happen to be a girl please excuse my he-ing you in my earlier post.



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          Well, I tried to edit my first post above, but I accidentally clicked the quote button instead. Clicking quote results in a new post with a copy of the original post, which wasn't what I wanted. Nothing too serious

          You're welcome, I hope it'll work out ok.
          Originally posted by ceciliapp
          is there a smiley for guilt?

          If you're bored go here or, if the boredom is more serious, here.