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Winamp Pro, CD burn, Program Crash

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  • Winamp Pro, CD burn, Program Crash

    Hello -
    I'm hoping someone can either help solve my issue or set me in the right direction to figure out what could be wrong. I have NEVER had a problem in any way with Winamp. In fact it is the only CD burning program I have not had a problem with. Unhappily my last 3 attempts were failures, producing discs that neither my home, car or portable players will recognize. ("disc" or "no disc" showing in track window)

    I have a Dell 8300 pc and use Windows XP home SP2. Hardware as follows:
    HD ( C: ) 111GB total 92.6 GB free NTFS
    JLMS DVD-ROM XJ-166 ( D: )
    TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E ( E: )
    Maxtor One Touch 2 USB (external) ( G: ) 233 GB total 173 free FAT32

    I am using Winamp 5.32 Pro, default plug-ins with added Leo's Lyrics and Lastfm. At the time I was running Trillian Basic 3, TextAloud 2.228 and Firefox Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061204 Firefox/ The day previous I'd installed iTunes (I see a new Quicktime icon on my desktop so I'm assuming it was at least updated during installation) and Winrar

    TDK High Speed 80 minutes 700 MB (I have used discs from this package successfully)

    Yesterday I attempted to burn 3 CDs, each with a different selection of .mp3 files, using less than 2/3 available capacity of the blank discs. With the first disc the main window, eq, playlist editor and Leo's Lyrics were open. I closed all but the main window and media library after the first failure. In each case the process went as expected (using test mode first) but after ejecting the CD Winamp crashed, with this information:
    AppName: winamp.exe
    MOdVer: 5.1.2600.2180
    Offset: 00001230
    I don't know how to copy the technical information but if there is a way, I am willing to attempt another burn and provide this information.

    Data is visible on each disc but as I said, the discs will not play on either my home, car or portable CD players.

    Any advice (or even theories) will be appreciated.

    Thank you