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  • Vista

    I installed vista then did a frsh winamp 5.32 pro.
    Winamp seems to be very laggy. Slow start up and if i do anything while using it the sound get interrupted. Is there any fix for this?

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    There isn't an official(that I'm aware of) update for Vista. Is it vista 32 or 64?

    Try doing a clean uninstall/reinstall and UNcheck sonic engine ripping/burning support. (under audio options in installer) You can also try 5.33 beta link


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      I tried the fresh install of the 5.33 beta and it is faster but not by much. The vista i am using is vista ultimate 32. Should i use 64? everything i have being hardware supportd it.


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        64 has had issues with the sonic engine. By fresh, did you NOT install sonic engine?

        I don't know what else to tell you, winamp will eventually work without any glitches, but it will take time.


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          yes i did as you said and unchecked the sonic engine. I do know it could be several things. one could be soundblaster. they haven't put out drivers yet nor did nvidia for the nvidia 4 platform. i have alot of trouble shooting to do so i am asking everyone. Thank you for your help. Winamp is my fav program for playong mp3's. I have my sterio suround soumd hooked up to it. I have the sound comming out good. till is smooth will have to not run anything else when i throw a party. lol


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            If this makes any differance or you can give me any ideas. I found if i remove id3lib.dll from the winamp file it opens up and runs with no errors. I get a message that winamp cannot run without it but i close the error and it runs fine. Also i have removed leoslyrics.


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              id3lib.dll isn't part of winamp!

              Where did leo's lyrics come from I thought you were doing fresh installs?

              5.32 components

              Do a Clean Install Instructions


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                i did. it was laggy. then nvidia 4 drivers came out . It was still laggy figured it is creative. Reinstalled my winamp plug-ins..(lol download em from your site) It was still laggy but ran the same. No biggy but i can never give up. Went back and installed the crappy vista driver creative gave out. (I lost my wave siunds in another program and was trying to fix it) then winamp keep shutting down om start-up. Being the .dll is not part of winamp. ( i am not the best at comps. why i have to do trial and error). Now i can say i know the dll problem..It is Leoslyrics which in the past with xp had it's problems. So i need to wipe winamp again and install with out loes and waite till march (if creative isn't lying)...thank you for your help i now have all my answers
                The plugin leoslyrics isn't vista compatable for sure.


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                  come back with anymore questions....

                  dumb vista


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                    I Have Vista Ultimate 64 Bit just installed all new drivers for mobo and gpu. Running Winamp 5.32Pro every thing seams to be fine but my fave plug in is not working Enhancer 017 is there any reason for this ?
                    HELP my music sounds flat as a fart