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I don't hear short sounds?

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  • I don't hear short sounds?

    When i make a list with 20 sounds that are not even 1 second long i can't hear them in winamp. They all wav. files

    Does winamp fade in the songs automatically or something so i don't hear a short sound or something?

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    Go to: Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Plugins > Output > DirectSound (out_ds) > config:

    Buffering tab: Decrease the "Buffer ahead on track change" slider value.

    The default value is 500 ms. Try something lower, eg. 250 or even 100 ms.

    Note, if you disable it by changing it to 0 ms then this will also disable gapless playback (ie. for mix CDs, or for mp3 albums not encoded with LameEnc in gapless mode, where there should be no gaps inbetween track changes).

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      Thanks you've fixed my problem


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        Setting "buffer-ahead..." to a low value enables the playback of short sounds, but then there are gaps when playing(looping) longer tracks.

        Is there any way to make both work? That's my ultimate wish. Winamp would be just perfect then.

        BTW, the old WMP (mplayer2.exe) plays short clips perfectly. You can even loop a 15ms sound like this one:


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          If the files you're playing weren't encoded gaplessly (eg. mp3's created with LAME Enc 3.9x, or .ogg or .flac formats which have native gapless support), then you could try checkmarking 'Remove silence at beginning/end of tracks' in:
          DirectSound Output > config > Other tab.

          The default CutOff value of -40dB should suffice...
          Higher values (ie. moving slider to the left, towards the max of -25dB) will cause quiet portions at the beginning & end to be cut off, so don't go any higher than -35dB.

          Some other people might recommend enabling crossfading (fade on start & end of song) in the Fading tab, but I wouldn't (at least not if you want the full tracks to play without overlapping or fading in/out).

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            I mean longer wav files, not mp3s. Looping (repeating playback of) longer wavs creates a gap, unless there is some buffer-ahead. But thanks anyway.


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              When I listen To My server i only get 10 sec of the mp3 file then it repeats and repeats dont know what to do ....