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  • "Next" markers

    Is it possible to place a "next" marker at a point in an audio file where it will fire off the next item? So, for instance, in a radio application if you have a live recording with a long fade out with clapping etc you can bring the next song in early or lay music over a fading sweeper?

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    you can press next at the right time, you can cut your files or you can play the clapping, but i don't know if there is someting automatically to do this.
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      it's tricky, but you don't have to phisically cut the files

      - install CUE Player plugin to support the subsongs (with Media Library and Playlists supports)
      - install the freeware mp3DirectCut to create from scratch .cue files for .mp3 files (it's recommended do save the cue files in .cue format, not in .mpd format)
      - now you can add to playlist the subsongs, not the original song with clapping and fade

      test in attached file:

      playing the .mp3 file (43 secs) you get the standard behaviour (with clapping), but playing the provided .cue files you have 2 subsongs:
      - I Am A Child [Live] (12 secs)
      - Clapping (31 secs)
      so adding the .cue file to the Media Library now you can play (or add in your playlists) just the "I Am A Child [Live]", and not "Clapping"
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        Thank you both for your help but I was wondering whether there is a marker that I can put somewhere in a song which when WinAmp "sees" it then the next song will be started at that mark? There is also another method I have seen in some playout system where they use a ~4 or whatever in the file nAme (in other words then next song will start 4 seconds before the end of the track that's playing). Does Winamp recognise anything like this?


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          maybe my explication is not so good, but does what you want... (of course I put in attachment just a snippet of a song for the size limitation in the forums)

          the purpose of .cue files is exactly to add some markers in a song

          furthermore, you can create different .cue files for the same audio file, to get different markers