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Choosing Audio Device (multiple sound card)

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  • Choosing Audio Device (multiple sound card)

    I have 2 soundcards, X-fi for gaming set as default and Onkyo SE-200 for music. I can't find the option in winamp to change the audio device to use my SE-200. Can someone help?

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    Preferences > Plugins > Output > Double click "DirectSound Output..." > Device tab.
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      I am looking for a shortcut to change those devices, because I have to switch between my keyboard (numer 03 in the list) and my built-in sound-card (number 02 and also 01, the primary one) very often. Is it possible to change this e.g. by pressing Ctrl+Shift+1, etc?
      It would also be possible to send a message via API (Sendmessage/Postmessage) or do something like this.

      Additionally the Directsound-Driver could try to use the primary sound device when there's an error with the chosen one. ==> I switch off my keyboard, device 03 is not available anymore, but I don't receive an error (as I do now), but Winamp changes the Device to 01.

      Greetings from Germany


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        i have a little question that i think will be tricky.

        we are streaming two radio stations (we are moving away from windows media encoder to shoutcast).

        right now our setup is that we have one machine with two sound cards, through windows media encoder we are choosing which sound card peripheral to choose for input for each radio station.

        however i do not find such similar setup on winamp, is there a way to have winamp choose wihch sound card to use as input (our broadcasters microphone is split in two, one end goes to the radio antenna, the other end goes to the mic of the respective sound card)

        what i was thinking of doing was to have two user sessions opened.

        each of them having their own instance of winamp opened, but one of them having sound card #1 as input, the other one having sound card #2 as input, each of them sending their content to their assigned shoutcast port on our broadcast server.

        any ideas of how this could be accomplished?

        Thanks in advance


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          Hi, I know this may sound a long way around, but I determine which sound card Winamp 'likes' and then use my playing software (Zara Radio) to output to the other sound card, if and when the budget permits I would love to do away with all the sound cards altogether and use either Virtual Audio Devices and/or Virtual Cable loop around, because at present I actually use a wire from the output sound-card to the input of the other sound card.
          Hope this helps


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            to ebinfo
            you can run winamp twice but first you will need to
            right click a blank area of the program
            click options and preferences
            go to general preferences
            and click the box "allow multiple instances"
            then configure each ones direct sound output

            now you may have to choose each ones output each time you run the program
            thanks rob
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              I have also two sound cards - one integrated and one external - usb card. I need the usb card would be selected by default, I mean when I plug it in, winamp should use it, and when I plug it out, then return to integrated. Now everytime I plug it in, I need to set it, its so annoying.


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                it's possible to script it. As it's my everyday work, i wrote a short draft to switch between 2 interface in winamp (i need it for my personnal need . Check the following script : script. It's a simple batch script, so you can edit it, modify it,...

                If needed, the Full explanation is there, it's just my work blog.

                Edit : I have also found another tool which permit to direclty switch the default audio interface itself. Please find there a new script with this tool. Maybe more convenient, as you need in this case to restart winamp each time . Full explanation here.

                Let me know in case of any issues.


                John FENDER.