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    my winamp doesnt seem to be able to read/play .M4A files from itunes, is there a plugin i need to download to play it?
    even after a full installation, and it does have the plugin Nullsoft MPEG-4 Audio Decoder v1.22 [in_mp4.dll]
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    .M4A or .M4P? (The latter is DRM restricted, and you probably paid for them). If they are M4A, do you know what actual format is inside. Apple Lossless by chance? Basically are the file really fracking huge?

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    The M4P decoder, and right below it Apple Lossless support.

    (Apple Lossless support is also available in Winamp Essentials
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      I'd like to link a yesterday post with guidelines to play in Winamp every format supported by iPod...

      ...but the whole thread has been deleted (because some spam\crap in)


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        mmm i downloaded the M4P decoder, but that didnt help, and also i downloaded Winamp Essentials
        the file im trying to play is .M4A, conversion from iTunes


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          be sure to install Winamp Full and enable MP4 Support installing


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            the link u sent to that supposedly plays m4p files is bull...i could not open winamp after installing it and ended up uninstalling all of winamp and reinstalling it b/c it seemed easier that figuring out which plugins were it...