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[Help Needed] Send To: Drive C

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  • [Help Needed] Send To: Drive C

    Hello everyone.

    I dont know why, but since I installed winamp 5, whenever I click the right mouse button and select "Send To" there is no option to send the files to my main drives (C and D).

    I really use this and its very helpful for me.

    Anyone knows why can this happen?

    I tryed re-installing winamp without plug-ins, but the same thing happens. This didnt happen before.

    Thanks for reading.

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    this was never a function of winamp.

    it must have been a plugin.

    was it gen_yar.dll?


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      Hummmmm (scratches head)

      I used to be able to right-click on a song in my current playlist, and using "Send To" I was able to send it to my main drives, like C for example. It was useful in the sense that I have more than 70 GBs of music, and they are all in my playlist at the same time, so when I wanted to choose, say 20 tracks, it saved me the time of having to go through hundreds of folders, I just sent them to my C drive, and that was that.

      I dont remember ever having a plug-in like that, maybe I had it without knowing, im not too bright regarding plug ins and .dlls

      The only plug in I have, is called "enhancer" and ive had it forever, and never had any problems with it.

      Thanks for your help.
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        I think gUSB does that:

        Not sure if the plugin still works with recent Winamp versions though.
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          Yeah baby yeeeahhhhh!!!1 (Austin Powers style)

          I dont know if that was the thing before, but its working now, thanks to gUSB!

          Thanks Siebe83

          Thanks a lot to everyone!

          Feel free to close this post.


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            or with no extra plugin and with transcoding support: