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transfering music to Ipod

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  • transfering music to Ipod

    1. I downloaded WINAMP 4 days ago then I bought PRO yesterday, do I need to uninstall then reinstall or should it be all set?

    2. I can transfer music to my Ipod however my Ipod is just blinking because apparently it doesn't recognize the format???

    3. I am manually selecting my music from PLAYLIST EDITOR then selecting SEND TO from right click menu, can't seem to find or get to a "SYNC" screen.

    I would really love some really basic help, WINAMP's instructions are not very good and i'm having trouble figuring out the basics. Thanks.

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    1. you need to enter your serial number in thats all
    preferences(ctrl+p)--> winamp pro
    you'll only get all the winamp features if you installed the full version of winamp.

    2. I don't understand what your talking about. your ipod should say "DO NOT DISCONNECT" when its connected to your computer and if its a new ipod it'll say syncing when your putting songs onto the ipod.

    3. sync settings are in preferences (under media library) portables --> your ipod
    and theirs a sync button in the media library in your ipod menu.(it'll only show up when your ipod is connected)


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      Thanks Rocker for helping me get to the pref. screen, it says that Pro features are enabled so I am good there.

      I am trying to get my music onto a Nano, not a reg. Ipod, no screen but it's connected properly.

      My problem is that I am making a file transfer to my Ipod successfully but I guess it's not a recognizable format because my Ipod won't play it. And to clearify I am selecting SEND TO from the RIGHT CLICK menu under PLAYLIST EDITOR because I have no clue how to get a playlist to the MEDIA LIBRARY to that I can actually select SYNC but that's the smaller of my two problems.


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        are you using a new widescreen nano or the old first or second generation nano.

        you'll need the new winamp 5.5 beta for the new ones.


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          I'm sorry Rocker, I'm braindead, I'm using the Ipod Shuffle, not the Nano and it's still not working, it won't play/recognize what I send to it.


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            try the 5.5 beta, I don't know if the new shuffles are compatible with the old winamp anyway.

            then it should be just (in the playlist editor or media library) right click --> send to --> ipod


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              try this (untested for the iPod Shuffle):

              - with Winamp closed, open (only this time ) iTunes and connect the iPod

              - enable Manually manage music and Enable disk use as in the picture

              - close iTunes, open Winamp

              - if not working, repeat all after a Restore (ALL DATA ON IPOD WILL BE LOST)


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                Wow, downloaded Beta, now it doesn't even recognize my Ipod when I plug it into my compute.