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Simple Album, Smart View - Need help

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  • Simple Album, Smart View - Need help

    Dear Winamp Users & tech-masters,

    I need your help with the smart view options inside the media library:

    I want to use the simple album art, but I have some troubles with it, cause if the album includes more artists, so you know winamp will create an album art for every artist, even if he is in the same album, to understand it better what I mean, here an example:

    Album: rihanna - SOS
    01. SOS
    02. Kisses Don't Lie
    03. Unfaithful
    04. We Ride
    05. Dem Haters
    06. Final Goodbye
    07. Break It Off
    08. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    09. Selfish Gir
    10. P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)
    11. A Girl Like Me
    12. A Million Miles Away
    13. If It's Lovin' That You Want (Part 2)

    So, if you think, you only have 'one' album art, and that is, what I want, I have three or four of them, for the same album, cause some songs are not the same artist. Here an example for the above one:

    01. Rihanna - SOS
    07. Rihanna feat. Sean Paul - Break it Off

    So, here is my question, how can I edit the simple alum view to only show me 'one' album, included all files, even if various artists included.

    If, you need more help, or informations, simply write back. Thanks for your help.



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    Set the "Album Artist" field to Rihanna

    This also works for compilation albums, where you would set the Album Artist tag to eg. Various Artists.

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      I have a similar question about this sort of thing. I'm trying to make a simple Smart View that shows only collections of albums (i.e. weeds out the many single tracks I have) by using the following query:

      type = "0" AND tracks >= "2" AND album ISNOTEMPTY

      I think the "tracks" field might be broken, unless I'm doing it wrong... it still shows lots of single tracks and loses a bunch of albums that should be in there... I'm probably missing something.


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        Hmm, I think 'tracks' only works if the Track# fields are in the form of: 1/11

        where that would represent: Track 1 of 11

        i.e. Total number of Tracks is 11

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          Looking over my current results, I see how you're right, as it's grabbing my solo tracks that have a track listing as [x/y], while ignoring my album sets that don't have a "fraction". Any recommendations for how to get ML to display what I'm after? (though to be honest i'm this close to refiling/retagging my entirely library anyway)