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    is there anyway to see if lyrics are tagged to a mp3 and if so
    how do i edit them

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    From version 5.5 onwards you will be able to see if there is a Lyric3 tag by going to 'View file info' <Alt+3>.
    Winamp's Lyric3 use is limited to reading the extended info fields. It cannot read any embedded lyrics, nor can it write anything. ***

    The following Winamp plugins can be used to read and edit lyric3 tags.

    Reader -
    Editor -

    There are plenty of others, some with the ability to get lyrics online.

    *** NOTES.
    i) The extended info fields do not imply that there are also lyrics present.
    ii) Some lyric readers will only recognize the Lyric3 tags if an ID3v1 tag is also present. So, if Winamp says there is a Lyric3 tag and your lyric reader says there isn't, then check the ID3v1 tag hasn't been deleted.



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      From the 'Don't you just hate it when that happens' department.

      Looks like the plugin I linked to above has broken with the final version 5.5
      I think it's something simple like not finding 'winamp.m3u' where it expects any more, so hopefully it can be fixed if the developer is still active.



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        I guess you mean it's because Winamp 5.5 now uses a multi-user profile setup on clean installs, yes?

        ie. the same problem will have existed with the plugin in 5.2x-5.35 if the user chose 'separate settings per user' in the installer options.

        Does it work if you copy %AppData%\Winamp\winamp.m3u to the 'Program Files\Winamp' folder?

        I assume it works if you delete/move/rename Program Files\Winamp\paths.ini
        (which disables 'multi-user setup' and restores 'shared settings for all users')?

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          Thanks for looking into that Egg.

          Deleting 'paths.ini' as suggested does the trick.

          I've aways used 'Same settings for all users' before so I guess it's never been a problem until now.

          Copying winamp.m3u across is a 'One Shot' solution, but breaks down as soon as there is any change to the playlist.

          Any one else doing this, I suggest you delete 'paths.ini'(with Winamp closed) before going on to do any other configuration, otherwise you'll have to do the config. all over again.