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Media Library Question (vers 5.3)

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  • Media Library Question (vers 5.3)

    ok, originally my library looked like this.

    but after a reinstall it looks like this.

    does anyone know how to enable the browsing section from the first screenshot? i cannot work out how to make my current version look like the old version.

    any help will be appreciated.


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    Slightly/slowly move the mouse in from the left-side of the ML until it turns into a two-sided arrow cursor <-->

    Then drag the vertical separator to the right, to reveal the media library tree pane.

    Then right-click on the currently selected view in the tree (eg. Audio),
    select 'Edit View'
    and change the 'Filters' to "Two" (Artist + Album), instead of "Simple"

    If it's already set that way, then this means that you also need to drag the horizontal separator down from the top, to reveal the currently hidden top two filter panes...

    By the way, note that v5.3 is no longer supported,
    and if you require further support, then you should install the latest v5.5

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      thank you so much!


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        The problem I'm experiencing is very similar to the original poster (although in a different version) however the suggestion is not working for me.

        Earlier in the media library window I had three panes in an upper window and a single, wider pane underneath. The three upper panes displayed tracks / artist / album and the lower pane contained the tracks from making a selection in one of the top panes.

        I was experimenting with the display options (buttons) for these panes (located at the top left of these three panes), but somehow made just one pane with all tracks appear and the buttons disappear.

        A (very) new WinAmp user would appreciate some pointers to revert this to the original (I presume 'default') view I had earlier.

        Many thanks

        O/S : XP Home
        WinAmp : 5.56