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  • Icons gone

    After installing new winamp 5.5 and winamp remote, all my icons at desktop, taskbar, navigation bar and in every other folder are gone, only the names are still shown.
    Anyone knows how to restore those without uninstalling winamp? (I tried TweakUI already, didnt wok in that case).

    The guaranteed Fix is here

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    winamp might rearrange your icons, it won't remove them. (this is a bug that has been fixed for the next version)

    tried rebooting?


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      Hi Rocker,
      the icons are not shown anymore, even after rebooting and after fixing with TweakUI, there are just the words shown. even in the "start" menue or all other menues and so on, obly words, no icons anymore.


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        Very very very doubtful Winamp caused your issue.
        I suspect it's likely caused by a system32 trojan...
        1. Run CCleaner, Ad-aware and Spybot Search-n-Destroy in Safe Mode
        2. Perform an ewido online virus scan
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          I've got the same issue on WinXP after a clean install and reboot. I'm pretty sure that winamp caused the trouble because all the icons disappeared immediately after 5.5 was installed and run for the first time, and my virus and ad scanners don't show anything. I had to shut down shortly after starting winamp 5.5 for the first time, and I'm not sure it had time to finish searching the hard drives for media; could that be part of the problem?



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            same problem

            I installed winamp, and after i rebooted, all of my taskbar icons were gone. i had like 30 of them, so this is a big issue.


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              Could anyone who's experienced this weird problem
              please post a "HijackThis log" and "List Of Plugins":
              Howzit....Whatzit...what tha...? How to tune up, and keep your Winamp player humming along. Search this Forum to find others who have driven down your road and have advice and tips to help you out.

              Howzit....Whatzit...what tha...? How to tune up, and keep your Winamp player humming along. Search this Forum to find others who have driven down your road and have advice and tips to help you out.

              Please zip up both logs into one zip and attach the zip to your next reply here
              (Attachment feature available via the "Post A Reply" button).

              A dxdiag log might also prove useful, so you could also stick that inside the zip.

              Did the problem also occur for you after first reboot?
              Or did it occur immediately after installing Winamp 5.5 without rebooting?

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                As I remember, I had the "run winamp after completing install" box checked. Once I hit finish on the install program winamp started up with a progress bar. Don't remember what it said. Once this progress bar started up, I noticed the desktop icons immediately went missing (they also kind of flickered) and all the desktop "icons" moved from where ever they were to the left side. I then had to shut down, and I'm not sure how far winamp had gotten through the startup.

                No difference after a reboot. No change after a reinstall. No change after an uninstall and reinstall. Virus scan and ad scan didn't show anything horrible. My logs are attached.

                Currently, all my desktop items are visible and accessible, but no icons. You can run stuff by double clicking on the text like normal. Quick launch icons are also missing, but you can still click them. The clickable area is maybe 1/2 tall x 1/8 wide compared to a normal icon, but they still pop up a tip so you can tell what's what. Windows explorer icons are also missing (but not context-sensitive right-click menus). It also seems like the whole machine has slowed way down, which is most noticable to me during explorer browsing (lots of searching flashlights). The XP-style start menu shows my log-in name, but no cute picture, the "All Programs" fly-out, "Log off", and "shut down". The programs fly-out is slow and lacks icons, but is accessible. The rest of the menu with recent documents, control panel, and recent programs is a big black blank. Clicking here has no effect. Changing to old style start menu allows you to get at all the recent documents and control panel menus, but again no icons.

                Phew...that's all I can think of. Hopefully something helps. I really appreciate any help you can give or any new ideas you might have.

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                  icons gone also

                  I just installed Winamp 5.5. As soon as it was done, my icons disappeared, with only text remaining. All also moved to the left side of the screen, with some flickering happening also.
                  This was without a reboot, and without launch winamp when finished checked. The only other thing I can think of was there was s selection box for retaining current program links, or something like that.

                  Has anybody figured out how to fix this yet?
                  Winamp: Plese remove the 5.5 update until this is resolved.



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                    I have found a fix.
                    Right click on blank area of screen.
                    Select "Properties"
                    "Appearance" tab
                    "Effects..." button
                    Check "use large icons", "OK"
                    push "apply" in display properties.
                    Icons should show up
                    Go back into effects, uncheck use large icons, OK, apply
                    Icons should be there and be the normal small size.

                    I hope this helps anyone else who was having this problem.


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                      Yay! Thanks :-)

                      I hope this works for everyone else....

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                        Thanks, Brian. Your fix worked for me.



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                          to Brian ("blp58368")
                          T H A N K S ! ! !
                          It helped, all icons and quick-launch stuff is back. I can see what I am clicking on.
                          I am not so much into computer/software- fixing but this was easily to do even for me.
                          to DJEgg:
                          Thanks for try to find a fix!
                          and the brian-solution did work!



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                            Hi Brain!
                            Your fix worked for me too, THANKS!
                            To DJEgg: the problem appaered after installing winamp 5.5 directly and stayed even after reboot. The fix of Brian did work right now.


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                              Hi, I just had exactly the same problem when I tried to install winamp 5.5 on xp sp3.
                              I tried the workaround submitted by wblp58368 but, apart from the fact it doesn't restore icons' order and position, there's a problem I still can't solve: once I resize icons, the space between them is as large as it was when they were large. If I go to Desktop properties / Apparence / Advanced / Items / Icon spacing (Hotizontal) OR Icon spacing (Vertical) and I change the values in any sense, the space remains unchanged.

                              Besides, I experienced the same bug before in a different situation. Some time ago I formatted my pc and I was installing all softwares I use (same OS than now) and I had the same problem. At that time I didn't recognize it was winamp's fault, 'cause it didn't happen exactly after winamp's installation like now... but at that time I installed winamp 5.25. Formatting the computer again and installing the same programs with the same options but in a different order could avoided the bug, depending on the order I installed softwares. However, even when avoided during programs' installation, the problem could still arise after changing some options with Tweak. Again, make the same Tweak changes in a different order could or could not lead to the mentionned bug.
                              At the time the only solution I found was, apart from formatting again the computer (quite long and boring), open windows explorer, search in c: "system restore" (start menu is blank after the bug occurs), restore to a previous configuration, and then make an another attempt hoping the bug won't arrive.
                              An another difference was that at the time the windows explorer's icons disappeared as well, while now only the desktop and quick launch ones.

                              Just for information, I tried full 5.5 installation without the three "additional features" proposed, Modern mask, and every combination of Agent / Shell extentions options. The icons disappear just after those choices.

                              It can't be a virus, 'cause I had the problem with a virgin pc (and with internet connection unplugged). Also, winamp is clearly the cause, and, in a slightly different way, also 5.25 version.

                              Right now I already uninstalled winamp 5.25, and I am unable to install 5.5 without incorregible side effects, so I expect Winamp corporation will find and remove the bug. Meanwhile, I will use Windows Media Player.
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