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  • Change Winamp User agent

    Since one of the internet radio stations I listen to frequently is now blocking Winamp ( for no good reason, I have the following question:

    Is it possible to change the 'user agent' information Winamp sends out when connecting to internet radio streams?

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    I don't think so.
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      it is possible

      Hi, it is possible to change user agent of winamp, using third party tool, such as internet junkbuster, which will act as a proxy between your browser/player/whatever and server.

      1. Download and unpack the zip somewhere (i.e. c:\program files)
      2. edit file junkbstr.ini and add the line:

      user-agent NSPlayer/

      3. run junkbstr.exe and minimize it
      4. setup your winamp to use proxy

      You're done. If everything works, you can add following line to junkbstr.ini (it will hide the ugly black window after next start):


      To test, if junkbuster cloaks your user-agent properly, you can set your browser proxy to and go to some some test page like mine: http://stopar.borec****envdump.php and you should see the faked useg agent

      Junkbuster is old and no longer developed, but it still wokrs and uses very little resources. There are perhaps other tools, but this one I like



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        wtf? here are the urls which were hidden (by no good reson) by this forum


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          Wow stopar! It works like a charm Thank you, also for the clear instructions!

          The URL blocking thing has something to do with spam protection on this forum and you having less than a certain amount of posts


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            I have the same problem and i don't really want to install an unnecessary proxy server.

            So, i just changed the User-Agent in in_mp3.dll. Just open the file in a Hex Editor (for example XVI32), search for the text "WinampMPEG" (occurs twice) and change it in something else of the same length, for example 'Blablablaa'.

            Works for me!