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i got a error went i close winamp 5.5

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  • i got a error went i close winamp 5.5

    winamp.exe - application Error

    the message in windows xp application error the instruction at "0x61cd82f8" referenced memory at "0x05a90700". The memory could not be "read" in winamp55

    i need help pls

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    Usually this type of error is caused by some third-party plugin.

    System specs & my_plugins_list would be useful:
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      Winamp Technical Support

      i siebe83 i just attach the file that you just ask me

      if you need more info just ask me

      reguars heavymax666
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        Mmh, plugins list looks ok.

        Have you tried a clean install?

        Also get the in_mp3 update patch:
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          yes Have you tried a clean install? - done
          Also get the in_mp3 update patch - done


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            Do you have any Portable players/devices connected, and if yes then:

            1) Are they being managed by Winamp?

            2) Are any of them Plays4Sure devices?

            If the answer to both is "no", then close Winamp,
            go to the Winamp\Plugins folder
            and disable pmp_p4s.dll

            either by moving it to some backup folder elsewhere
            or renaming it to eg.

            Whilst you're in there, if you don't have any ActiveSync devices either (Windows Mobile, smartphone, etc), then do the same with pmp_activesync.dll

            Restart Winamp

            Does the problem persist?

            If the answer to questions 1+2 is "yes", then please provide details.

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              i got toshiba ppc using activesync ver 4.5 and i just did your recommendation and i still got the error probleme


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                Hmmmm... so you still get that error even when both pmp_p4s.dll and pmp_activesysnc.dll aren't in the Winamp\Plugins folder?

                Did you try disabling the other pmp plugins then? (pmp_ipod, pmp_usb, pmp_njb)?

                If the error goes away, let us know which of the pmp plugins was causing it.

                If the problem persists even after disabling all pmp plugins, including ml_pmp.dll (the pmp_*.dll plugin loader), then we'll take things from there.

                The only other known case I've found was caused by some conflict with the Windows Media Decoder (in_wm.dll) and some Windows Media Player 11 module update/mod.

                Though I've a sneaky feeling that maybe one of the new Gracenote/MusicId features might also be a possible cause (not sure about this yet).

                If it's none of the pmp plugins or in_wm, move on to ml_plg (Playlist Generator). I doubt if it's ml_autotag, but you never know.

                Basically, because we can't reproduce the problem, if you can find out which plugin is causing it, it might help us to debug said plugin.

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                  it is working no more complain thks very much DJ Egg and have nice day


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                    Cool. So which plugin was causing it then?

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                      it was one of those file

                      it is working very happy have a nice evening man
                      reguars HeavyMax666 A+


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                        Sorry To revive the thread. But I get the same type of error when I use the Playlist Generator.
                        usually I will manually go into the playlist generator settings and do the complete scan before I do anything. Once the scan is completed, then I will get the error attached anytime that I close Winamp.
                        I have also noticed that when I reset the database, the error does not occur.
                        I hope that this helps.
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                          I get the same error with WinAmp 5.5.

                          I did a clean install a couple of times, and did some testing with various plug-in configurations and I can say with some certainty that the problem is either in the playlist generator plug-in or in the media library plug-in itself. The likely cause is the inability of the plug-in(s) to handle a large amount on data (or precisely, to write a final data backup on WinAmp close quickly enough).

                          This can be observed with a fresh install with no data in the media library. I never had any errors on close in that case. But when I add my media, the error occurs in every close.

                          Granted, my media library is a bit larger than the regular user would have (think 2k+ albums) so it is probable that the root cause of the error is not poorly written code, but a code that wasn’t intended to handle that many items.

                          And, before anybody asks… I’m running a high end machine with plenty of RAM and no Vista, so hardware/OS isn’t the issue.


                          Well, it seams that it’s definitely the Playlist Generator. For some reason the plug-in just stopped working (cant initialize plug-in error) but on the up side, there’s no more error on winamp exit. It’s a pity actually, as I rather like the Playlist Generator plug-in, but it seams I’ll have to wait for aversion that can handle my library size.
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                            Playlist generator

                            I am resonably certain it is the playlist generator plugin. If it is not running, I do NOT get the error when I close Winamp. If it is running, I do get the error.
                            I am running Win2K and have a 20+gig library.

                            I recently rebuilt my computer so Winamp is a clean install on a clean machine.

                            Does anyone know why they switched from the Predixis to Gracenote service?



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                              From Winamp 5.51 internal beta whatsnew:

                              * Fixed: [ml_plg] Crash when stopping Playlist Generator scan or resetting database

                              In 5.5, for now, you have to let the scan fully complete.

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