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File type association issue under WinVista x64

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  • File type association issue under WinVista x64

    While I do enjoy using new Winamp 5.5, there's one issue I'd like to see it fixed in next release.

    No matter how many times I reinstall Winamp 5.5, default file types (such as mp3, of course) never gets associated with Winamp automatically on my WinVista x64 system.

    Yes, I am aware that I can just go to Control Panel and choose Default Programs to manually associate whatever files types with Winamp, but I am talking about the Winamp's internal bug.

    And same problem is still there with Winamp 5.51 beta.

    Here's the precedures to reproduce the issue under WinVista x64.

    1. Run Winamp 5.5 lite installer
    2. Choose only Winamp (required) and Multimedia Engine (including all componets under Multimedia Engine) to be installed.
    3. When Winamp Setup started, select preferred skin (Winamp Classic, in my case)
    4. In next step, choose preferred file types associations w/ 'Show Winamp in Folder context menu in Windows Explorer' checked.
    5. In next step, fill out personal information and choose 'Finish' to complete the setup.
    6. Now start Winamp, and double click any mp3 file to see if it is associated with Winamp. (In my case, WMP starts up when I double click mp3 files).

    Please, fix this annoying bug in next release.

    Thank you.

    One thing I've noticed is that files which are not originally associated with Windows Media Player (such as .flac files) do seem to get associated with Winamp well. Only files that are associated with WMP stays with WMP even after Winamp installation.
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    Winamp 5.51 Beta
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      Thanks for your suggestion, but in my original post, I've stated as following:

      And same problem is still there with Winamp 5.51 beta.
      Maybe, I wasn't clear enough.
      I am experiencing the same issue regarding file type associations with the latest beta version of Winamp. (5.51 Build 1741)


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        Right-click the Winamp shortcut icon on your desktop
        (you can repeat this for other icons, eg. Start Menu / QuickLaunch)
        and select "Run as administrator"

        Or to make it permanent, select "Properties" instead,
        then click "Advanced"
        and checkmark "Run as administrator"

        "Winamp -> Prefs -> File Types" will now work :-)

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