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Mozilla Toolbar Problem

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  • Mozilla Toolbar Problem

    Since I installed WinAmp 5.5 my FireFox does not start anymore. It "hangs" consuming approx 50% system time.
    I would like to remove and reinstall it completly, but the Winamp Toolbar could only be removed from within Firefox.

    How can I remove the Toolbar without a working Firefox?

    Best regards

    Jürg Reithaar

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    See gaekwad2's reply in the following post...

    Then while in Firefox safe-mode, click on the Tools menu > Add-ons > in the Add-ons box click on Winamp Toolbar and you will have the option og Disabling or Uninstalling Winamp Toolbar

    Good Luck
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      Thanks! It works again - but without the toolbar.

      I'm still wondering that such a small change can disorder the hole system. I think there is a serious bug in the toolbar which should be solved.

      Great support!!


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        Same thing happened to me. The funny thing is I don't remember every installing the damn thing. Things like this should not be checked by default, and clearly need to be tested more thoroughly than this. This is not an acceptable practice. I will be reading everything very carefully next time I try to install anything from you guys.


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          interesting. As i mentioned in my previous thread, i am using Winamp 5.35. And the toolbar in the Firefox works perfectly.
          Seems as 5.5x is a little bit.... [place your thought here]