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    how can I use a different karaoke screen player other than the default?

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    Originally posted by tiffy
    how can I use a different karaoke screen player other than the default?
    When you say "karaoke screen player" are you are talking about the lyrics window that appears whenever a MIDI file is playing that has lyrics attached? Is that what you are saying when you mentioned the "default"?

    Just to be sure, is this it? ...

    Ctrl+P for Winamp preferences > Plug-ins > Input > Nullsoft MIDI Player > Display tab > Lyrics Display > Show lyrics window while playing is checkmarked

    Is that lyrics window what you meant when you said "karaoke screen player"? If so, then that is all you'll get natively with Winamp, and nothing more.

    If you want something more, then you'll need a 3rd-party authored plugin...

    Karaoke plugins

    CDG Plugins

    Look at the descriptions of each one and then decide which one you want to use.

    *Note: if you run into any difficulties/problems with any 3rd-party authored plugin, they are not supported here, and you'll have to contact the plugin author for support.
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      Winamp doesn't have a default karaoke player so you will need to ask the author of whatever plugin you are using, or at least tell us which one you are using then someone might be able to help you if they have used it.

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