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Replaygain questions (Winamp + Foobar2000)

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  • Replaygain questions (Winamp + Foobar2000)

    I'm new to the use of Replay Gain, and would like to get some info about it.
    Right now, I use Foobar2000 to ad the Replay Gain info to mp3 or flac files. And I use WinAmp v.5.21 as my default music-player. I can see on the info, on Flac files, that I have add'ed Track Gain and Album Gain. But I'm not sure weather the default WinAmp v.5.21, without any plugin added, understand and play replaygained files. Or do I need a plugin?

    My second question is, does that plugin also writes Replay Gain info into files?

    And third: Is there any difference in having Replay Gained your files in Foobar2000, or in WinAmp? (Difference in the files)

    And fourth: If a Replay Gained file with both Album and Track Gain info, is played in WinAmp, what info does WinAmp adjust the volume to?



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    Go to: Winamp -> Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Playback -> Replay Gain tab
    Make sure "Use ReplayGain" is checkmarked.
    The "Preferred source" setting determines whether to use Album or Track gain mode.

    The RG values are written to the file tags only. No audio data is modified.
    If you remove the values or the tags, then the (playback of the) file is restored to how it was before.

    Applying RG in foobar or Winamp should yield virtually the exact same results.

    The only difference with foobar is that you can configure it to write metadata to APEv2 tags for mp3's, whereas Winamp 5.51/in_mp3 doesn't currently see/read APEv2 tags (although we plan to implement APEv2 tag support at some point in the not too distant future). So for now, make sure foobar is configured to write to ID3v2 tags, not APEv2. Or just use Winamp instead :-)

    The configuration for Winamp's RG Analyzer (right-click items -> Send To -> Calculate RG) can be found via: Winamp -> Prefs -> Plugins -> Media Library -> ml_rg.dll -> config.

    More info here:
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      sorry. can't find playback

      Sorry. I can't find playback in my Preference in my Winamp v.5.21. I have:

      Winamp Pro
      General Preferences


      Aaah. Nevermind! Saw your 1. link, that I need minimum winamp v.5.3 in order to, we speak the same language (Preferences-> General Preferences->Playback and the Replay Gain Tab). I didn't have that in my v.5.21, so I was confused. But I now have upgraded, to the latest v.5.51. Great.

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        Winamp 5.21 is damn old, and ReplayGain was added in 5.3. Upgraded to the latest, and only supported version, 5.51
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          Doh! I missed that part of your first post. I guess I must have originally seen it as 5.51, not 5.21. Yeah, jeez, that's an old & bugged version, with no RG support implemented.

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